Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Hilarious Experience!!!!

There are many hilarious incidents in my life. Day by day I come across some really hilarious experiences. I am right now sharing one of my experiences. Day before yesterday I went along with my father to buy vegetables. We purchased all vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, bottle guards etc. After a long purchase I and my father came to our house. We kept the vegetables bag outside the corridor. That time a small snake entered our bag. We did not notice the snake entering our bag. Then my father started arranging the vegetables in the fridge. I helped my father by separating the vegetables. My father asked me the bottle guard, so I gave them. To my surprise my father was reacting in a different way. I was not able to understand, and then I myself saw me holding the snake. I was reacting terribly that my father burst into laughter despite the scare of the snake. Then I gained some courage and threw the snake in the drainage. It was one of my hilarious moments in my life.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Save our Ozone!!!

Our ozone layer is depleting day by day due to some illegal activities of humans. Most of the people burn all the unwanted things in their house and hence causing ozone layer to deplete. By burning in decomposable substances like tyres, plastic covers we get a harmful gas which leads to death. So don’t burn unnecessary materials and destroy our ozone. By destroying the ozone we are giving way to the UV rays to come to earth which causes cancer when in contact with the skin. Save the ozone for the next generations also.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Friend's Father expired

It is very sad that my friend's father passed away. Today evening only he had an heart attack and he passed away. My friend named A.H Gayathri who is a great classical dancer. She has made herself and our college proud by dancing in many stage programmes. This is something that we did not expect would happen. When i heard the news i was shocked. I feel very bad for their family. I hope they would be back to normal very soon.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Quote to Remember!!!!

I am not going to talk about the brilliance and class of the master batsmen. Nothing is artful than the straight drive of Sachin. Below is the quote that is being displayed on the banner at Sydney.

“Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting, they will go unnoticed because even God is watching him play”

Thanks to the Australians for appreciating the master blaster. This shows their great attitude for all performers. We salute the master. If you are a die hard fan of the master blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar then put this in your blog as a tribute to that batting legend. I tag this to Boobu, Bajji and Vaidhy.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sachin returns to ODI

After a long time Sachin the master blaster returns to the ODI squad. He is certain to play in this match but, the question is whom he would replace. As sachin has entered in the squad Gambhir will be pushed to one down position. I think rohit sharma after his poor run in the first three ODI's will be dropped. Sachin who is playing his first ODI since the commonwealth series in march will be the main highlight tomorrow. Dhoni will have different kind of strategy in mind playing alonside with sachin. Lets hope for a gruelling battle tomorrow.

Attitude determines your altitude

Whenever we listen to lectures given by people of high caliber and who posses a lot of achievements, the first word or advice they give is that, we should develop positive attitude. The way we approach to anything must be positive and also in a determined way. It is 100% true. When I attended my first interview i was feeling nervous like all others. Then my training coach came near me and said, go inside and talk to the interviewer imagining him as your father. I did as the same way he told. My nervousness was gone and I talked to him freely thereby getting selected. I was selected because I was positive about the interview. Attitude is the only word which when summed up based on the values of alphabets results 100.

A T T I T U D E = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100

Australia- Best place to settle

My cousin brother has visited many countries abroad officially for projects. After the visit when i asked him as to which country you will choose to settle for the rest of your life, he answered Australia. I asked why are you choosing Australia? He replied that Australia is one place where there is not much population. It is very peaceful and has nothing to do with terrorism. The country itself looks beautiful and it is pollution free. There is always pleasure living there. People there are so friendly and know the moral values. As per his advice I have decided to settle in Australia. What about you?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Varanam Ayiram- A new definition to cinema

There were times when family movies and sentimental films ruled the film industry. The trend slowly changed to fast paced action films and love stories. There was a sudden downfall for family sentiments. Yet there was one man who said that he would bring back those family dramas into existence. The person is none other than Mr. Gowtham Vasudev Menon. He is such a wonderful person with lots and lots of potential. He is a director who has fans in this film industry. There are certain people who love his stories, narrating style, depthness of the movie. Varanam Ayiram is once again a movie of his class. Many people do not like the movie since they are not up to his class. They still remain addicts of commercial masala movies. If a person is willing to direct a family drama, the first support must be from the audience. He has taken kollywood to the next level and has also proved that a cinema can be taken without glamour and vulgour dialogues. Surya's character was well portrayed (both father and son). The difference in the acting is showcased well by surya. Sameera comes as his lady love with her bubbly looks. The film goes on at a normal pace till the interval and slightly slows down due to the fact that Gowtham has explained the progress in a man's life after such as huge loss that of his lady love. The family of surya was showcased in a stylish way with more of English conversations between the two surya's and also between surya and simran. Simran has done her role to perfection. The make up and costumes were natural. Divya is the second female lead in the film, made some impression. Overall it was a family treat and a film for cool and friendly dads.

Surya Rocks!!!!!!!! A must watch movie for people from 6 to 60.

Friday, November 7, 2008

India on the verge of victory

One of the prestigious tournaments in the game of cricket is the Border-Gavaskar trophy which is being named after two legends Allan Border for Australia and Sunil Gavaskar for India. For the past 5 years this trophy is with the Aussies. India won this prestigious trophy way back in 2001. After 2001, it was Australia who is dominating this tournament. Now, this dominance is at stake. In this edition of Border-Gavaskar series, India is leading the series 1-0 with just one test match to go. In the last match which is currently being played India has posted a mammoth total of 441. Let's hope that trophy comes back to India. If this happens this would be the first ever series defeat for Australia in the last 7 years in test matches.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Cousin's Marraige

Hi Friends!!! I am going to share a good news to you all that is two days from now is my cousin's marriage. He is the eldest and also my dearest cousins of all. This is going to be the first marriage in our family after a long time. I am so excited to see all my relations and other friends. All my small friends that is cute babies will arrive on the day of marriage. I am writing this post two days before as i am so many work to do in my cousin's marriage. I pray for them and wish this couple a "Happy Married Life in Advance".

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mind Games

In India there are many people who are so experienced in this mind games. These mind games are nothing but they will be able to read your mind. They have this supreme talent of reading others mind. If you go to these people they will tell about your bio data and also will tell about your forefathers. If you go to these mind readers they will fetch you fortune. These mind readers are more common in India. So when you visit India do not forget to meet these people.

Conserve Energy

People nowadays consume more energy resources. This is because of the growth of population. All people are nowadays financially sound and they consume lot of these energy resources like others. For example if we take petrol, number of vehicles have increased in large number. All are using individual two wheelers and four wheelers. If this continues then there will no energy resource for the next generation. So conserve energy by using public transport and walking for short distances.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Panamanian Condo

If you want to earn more money without risk factors involved then the best option is to start a hotel. If you want to start a hotel you must have a place for the hotel that too in the hot spot of the city to attract more customers. Many people like to come to hotels if it is located in the hot spot. Likewise there are other factors also. Some people may expect a hotel to have a bar and swimming pool to relax themselves and chill out with their friends. Another important thing is that if a hotel has a rooftop terrace then it will attract many people because this roof top atmosphere is so great. These are the expectations of customers. If you are about to start a hotel you can right away approach Hotel Casco Antiguo which is one grandest property for sale. There are 34 condo units for sale. Every unit in the building is designed with so much care. There is a rooftop terrace , bar and pool meeting all the customer requirements. The only thing you have to do is look into your business and your hotel's food standard to get regular customers. The construction work will start in 2009. Immediately Register for an eBrochure Here and reserve your unit. By reserving a condo unit here you can earn more money through your hotel. This is the right place to start your business.



Saturday, October 25, 2008

Raju Sundaram starts his directing career with a bang with "AEGAN"

This year Tamil cinema has seen a lot of new directors coming up with different scripts for example "Jeyam Kondan" was a nice script written and directed by R.Kannan who is an assistant of ace director Mani Rathnam. Likewise, now it is the turn of Raju Sundaram to enter this direction field. He got his first success as Ultimate Star Ajithjumar accepted to do this script. Ajith is a great trump card for this script and perfectly suiting the role. Nayanthara adds glamour to the story just coming for songs and dancing with ajith. There was not much importance given to her. Ajith has handled the comedy part in this story very well in combination with Hanifaa. Naseer as Ajith's father does well. The famous villain in Shivaji that is Suman is the villain in Aegan. He has tried to do something different as a villain in his body language but not so successful. The introduction of Ajith was really superb and Ajith with that long beard, looks awesome. Yuvan has really scored in his music. The visuals of the songs were also good. Overall the film is nice except for the last 20 minutes commercial flick.

Aegan worth watching once. Ultimate Star Rocks!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What is the reason for this retirement???

There are lot of things happening in Indian team. Latest being the announcement of retirement of DADA that is ganguly. His decision to retire from cricket is rather surprising. Some days before he said that this is not the age to hang my boots. There is at least two years of cricket left in him. He is such a fine player and needs a sound farewell before he retires. I think there is a lot of pressure and expectations on the seniors which made DADA to take this miserable decision. I hope he enjoys this series well before he retires. Good bye to DADA..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sakkarakatti - An Overview

After a long time since Shivaji the block buster movie starring super star Rajnikanth musical legend A.R.Rahman has provided us with a musical treat in this film sakkarakatti which means sugar cube. After the film's audio release i was totally stunned by the way Rahman has composed the music. Every song in this film is really a treat for our ears. Each song is different in it's own quality. There are songs of all genre that is village style song, melody, rap. Rahman has taken music to the next level in this movie. But when i went to the film i was terribly disappointed with the film and also the song's visuals. There was absolutely nothing in the film. There was no sequence in the scenes, unnecessary sets for the songs and the songs also do not sink with the film. It was ultimate frustration sitting inside the theatre for 3 hours wasting money. This is the worst film i have ever seen in my life. Unnecessary English dialogues which reduces the interest to watch the film. The film has only one hero that is A.R.Rahman for his marvelous musical score. Otherwise there is nothing in the film to talk of. Out of 5 my score is 0/5 and for music 5/5 for Rahman.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My best fortune

This is one of the most luckiest days i have ever come across. Myself along with two of my friends arul and cibe left for the symposium to GKM college. We all went to that college with just 10 rupees in hand not even having petrol for the return journey. When we entered the collge we saw that it was a symposium for EEE students. Then we saw that there were 4 events to be held. First we participated in Dumb-C which is our favourite event. We made it to finals and won. We also won the EEE technical quiz which is purely by luck. Finally we went home with each having 500 in our pocket.

Went to college for the last time

Yesterday i went to my college for the last time to get my provisional and my remaining semester mark sheets. While i started to my college i was accompanied by my friend arun. We went to our college in a two wheeler. The journey was nasty because the roads were so nasty and the same. When we reached our college gates we were covered by a thick layer of dirt. Then we went inside our college and met our staffs and all those who have helped us to finish this course. We then met our HOD who provided us with placement. Then we went to office room and collected our certificates. When i saw the word first class in my certificate i was so happy so that the insults and scoldings i have got during the course seemed to be vanished. I just can't forget that moment. I cherished in joy. Through my blog i thank all my friends and staffs who helped me to complete the course. I also thank my college for providing me with a placement and laying the foundation for my career.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Favourite Cartoon

Today most of the young guys and girls are mostly addicted to cartoons and animated series. I am also addicted to these cartoons. My favourite cartoon is Tom and Jerry kids and the Popoye show. These two shows are simply superb. They are so hilarious and also are the best means of passing time. if we watch these shows you can never see how time passes of. i also get some relaxation after a routine day of work. Even my sister is very fond of this show. She often keeps alarm and sleeps in order to watch the show. If she misses she will see the re telecast in the morning without fail. In this way cartoons play a vital role in my family.

Rap Music- An addiction

Music is one of the means that is attracting people mostly. There are various styles in music. Since music is a vast area it is divided into many dimensions. They are Indian Carnatic music, western pop music. Other than this there are various styles and rap music is one among them. Recently this rap music has won the hearts of many youngsters and they are expecting a rap song in every new movie that releases. This rap music is nothing but combining the lyrics of two languages and giving it in a different way by a different voice modulation.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Google's Tenth birthday

Google the famous and dominant search engine has entered into it's 11th year from today. A decade has passed since the launch of this great search engine. Google was the search weapon which was launched mainly to stop yahoo's progress. It started slowly and steadily and now it has emerged as an unstoppable one in the internet world. Yahoo was shocked with Google's progress and has come with an agreement with Google that will be beneficial to yahoo and at the same time Google will also continue to dominate the internet world. Let's all wish Google to prolong its services for many more years. I convey my hearty wishes through my blog.

Monday, September 1, 2008

India tops in Astronomy Olympiad

In the recently concluded official tests India has got the overall championship in the astronomy Olympiad and was awarded the best team in the Olympiad. India won two gold’s, two silver’s and one bronze medal to its tally. These show the interest of Indian astronomers towards the field of space research and many astronomical programs. I hope that India wins many more astronomical tournaments and quizzes like this and will surely be the number one in this field in the coming years. We have to develop our infrastructure and Indian government must also look into this field carefully and keep aside some money which is to be exclusively spent on this space research. Many more foreign countries must involve in this to make space research in India a successful one.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fantastic Farewell to Olympics

In the latest edition of Olympics which recently concluded in China(Beijing) has many things to remember. Firstly the opening and closing ceremony which is the best in this edition when compared to the previous 28 editions. It was really an expensive and attractive ceremony ever witnessed in Olympics. Then coming to the events there were only 43 events in the 1892 edition of Olympics which has increased to a whooping 302 events in this Beijing Olympics. There were many world records created in this edition. Individually Mark Phelps who broke the individual record of 7 records in the 1872 edition to 8. Then totally there were 39 world records made which equaled the 1872 Munich Olympics. In this way this Olympics proved to best in every aspect and it was really a grand Olympics.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kuselan- A big flop in SuperStar history

One of the film stars who is shining for almost three generations is our superstar but, in his latest film Kuselan which proved to be a flop is a shoc to all thalaivar fans. All of them are saying that Rajni's spell on his fans is fading. No that is not the case only director P. Vasu's directing skills are fading. His thinking capacity and innovation have disappeared. He is no more fit to be a director. His generation and his tastes have gone and this is a new genre of people expecting every film to be different. He cannot shine in this generation. So it is high time that he quits from cinema. Being a die hard thalaivar fan i was terribly disappointed with this film. Not even a singlr frame in this film was fit to be applauded. From the start to end the film is full of critics. No one has a scope to perform in this film. The only satisfactory is VAdivelu's comedy. I do know why superstar accepted this project. After doing a stunner like Shivaji he cannot do this kind of a film which is totally not made for him. Music in this film is sure to be applauded. That's all about the film. I think superstar has accepted this film to find his old friend BalaKrishnan. That may be the only reason i can think of as to why superstar acted in this film. Anyway lets expect the same old thalaivar in the upcoming "Robo".

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Craze over i-phones

Nowadays craze is growing on the i-phones that too the latest released i-phone by Tata which is creating a craze among the i-phone fans and also making them go mad about it. At present people of all age groups from 10 -60 are all having i-phones in their pocket. many people use it for different purposes some use it for just communication, some as a music player. i-phone also has a wide and varied range of applications. Apple was the first to introduce i-phones in the market which was then followed by all others. So i think that the next generation will demand for even more advanced i-phones with enhanced features.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Test your Talent

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Friendship Day

People all round the world follow different traditions, lifestyles and even the food habits are not the same but, this is the day which all people celebrate in common which is nothing but the friendship day. On this day all friends meet each other and share their personal experiences with them, the jokes they witnessed and enjoyed etc. This is altogether a colorful occasion. Friends are the only gifts to everyone. Only to them you can share happiness and sorrow. They are the only persons who guide you towards the right direction. They will come to share your happiness with your invite and will come to share the sorrow without invitation. They sit beside you and come with you till your lifetime. I am lucky to have such a wonderful bunch of friends god has given me. Through my blog i wish my friends an advance happy "Friendship Day".

An Adventurous Trip

Once i was on a vacation to kerela which is famous for its climate and temples. In kerela temples are maintained so beautifully so that i was so amazed to see the temples maintained in that fashion. Then being a tamilian i did not felt anything new because there are lot of tamilians there. The climate of kerela is also very good and enjoyable. This is the only place where the monsoon rains start on time in the whole of India. I have heard about the word heavy rain but, i saw that in real only in kerela. Coming to my trip all temples in kerela are not in and around kerela, they are some miles away from kerela. Since i like travelling i enjoyed the long journey through car. We went through forests and the roads we went were all so haunted that we did not see a person nearby for some kilometers. There were animals around and one monkey very big jumped right on top of our car and fell the other side. On the whole it was a very enjoyable and adventurous trip.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dont drink while driving

The habit of drinking is one of the examples where western culture has superimposed on Indian culture. The fact is Indians normally wont follow the same procedure of drinking as they follow. They drink in only small amounts which they call as a peg. On the other hand we drink without any control in large amounts and the result get addicted and loose our lives because of this. Another thing is we should not drink when we are driving because when we drink we will not be in a stable state and so we will loose control over the vehicle and fall due to lack of balance. We can save many lives and also avoid accidents when we avoid drinking during driving.

Placement Preparation

All students whether engineers or any other graduates in arts and science all are now preparing for their placements. There is a way to prepare for placement. Firstly you must analyse your own weakness and strengths. Then you must try to build on your strengths and try to overcome your weaknesses. Then you have to develop a good communication skill, if you have already have a good spoken English try to develop a good neutral accent, if not first develop your fluency in English. Then your attitude, it is very important when it comes to campus interview. Lastly and most importantly your technical brilliance. Select your favourite language and become the master of it. This is how you prepare for a campus interview.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby weighing 20 kg at 6 months!!!

Could you imagine that a 6 month old baby in Iran weighs 20kg!!!!!!!!! How come a baby of mere 6 months could weigh 20 kg? It is something unique. Doctors who examined the baby said he had been only 3kg when he was born. After that there was a miraculous change in his weight when he was 3 months old that is 11 kg. Now at present in 6 months he is 20 kg. Doctors were dumbstruck to see his growth. When there parents were interviewed they said that they don't know the reason behind his weight but, they said he will drink mother's milk for an hour every day!!! I will show some of the pics of that cute big baby. The interview of their parents with that baby is here.

Plant Trees

In this busy world almost every house has one or more than one two wheeler. So while going on the road it causes a lot of smoke that is the harmful gases are released into the pure air. Also these public transport such as auto, bus and heavy trucks emit a lot of gas into the air thereby causing air pollution on a massive scale. This leads to many harmful diseases such as asthma, lung cancer and many other diseases related to breathing. So a simple solution to this is to plant more trees on either side of the road which will help in reducing this. Trees have a unique quality of releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon di-oxide. The smoke which comes from the vehicle exhaust has a lot of carbon i-oxide in it which will be absorbed by trees and hence we can reduce air pollution in a simpler way.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Star Making Machine

Astronauts have uncovered a strange thing in the universe. When they were exploring the universe they found a remote galaxy which is like a stellar machine was generating out stars into the sky. That is it was pumping out stars into the sky. The production rate is about 1000 to 4000 a year. This is indeed the latest discovery uncovered in this space field. Astronauts are also spell bounded that how come this machine exist in a remote galaxy and how it is producing stars. There are so many questions arising out and they are scrubbing their minds to find out the actual process of this thing. Then they are also thinking about the sizes of stars which come out from this machine that is the remote galaxy. If they find out this mystery it will be yet another milestone in the space research. I hope they find it out at the earliest.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Abroad studies a golden offer

Nowadays there are many abroad offers coming to youngsters. These are golden offers which are enjoyed by only some individuals. Getting an opportunity to study abroad is really a boon because we gain more fluency in our English and also get a chance to mingle with foreign clients. Also by studying in abroad we are given a white collared job there with which we can make enough money needed for the rest of our life and to run our family in a luxurious way. Abroad studies also has a disadvantage of many Indians who settle there forgetting their parents. This must not be the case. Go there, earn money and then come back and live happily with your parents.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Wimbeldon reaching it's Climax

The much expected Wimbledon finals is on the corner. This is a special Wimbledon for both the top seeds Roger and Rafa. Roger is eyeing on his sixth Wimbledon title and on the other hand Nadal is ready for his maiden grand slam title in grass. Both of them have reached the semifinal stage. There is a possibility that either of the two may come to finals or any one, but anyways we are going to witness a great grand finale. I hope my favourite Rafeal Nadal wins the title.

My new Bike

This is the most happiest day in my life. The reason behind this is that i am going to have a new bike soon. I have just now completed my academia and waiting for my offer letter from TCS. My father also has promised me to get me a bike of latest trend. I am so happy now that i am going to have a bike of my own. I have awaited for this moment for a long time and at last it came true. My first ride in that bike will be with my mother because she was the one who forced my father to buy the bike. Without her i am nothing. So first ride with mu mother then my precious father and then mu most lovable cute sister with whom i always fight.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Solution to memory loss

There are many new disorders arising out of which is called memory loss. This memory loss does not come through genes. When we get this memory loss the loss of memory is not permanent, but suddenly we will feel that all things are going blank and after sometime we will recover from that. This can be cured by taking some memory pills and doing yoga. By doing yoga we will get more concentration power and also the ability to withstand any type of stress. So by practicing yoga we can eradicate memory loss. These kind of memory loss will soon be eliminated by the advancement of science.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't attend the call when the cell is Kept in Charge

Friends this post is for all mobile users. Nowadays the mobiles which are coming with so many features such as mp3,FM,Camera, Blue tooth etc are not able to withstand the charge constantly when used throughout the day. So we charge it often. Sometimes an important call may come and the phone will be kept for charging. People who speak for long hours will speak with the phone in charge itself. It is very much Dangerous!!!!!!!! please friends if anybody has this habit try hard to get rid of this habit. I recently saw the news related to this. A boy of 20 years of age who was speaking in the mobile kept on charge. Suddenly he felt some vibrations in his hand and the result he lost his sensitiveness in his hand. Many doctors say that there will be even more serious results because of this habit. So friends my kind request to u all is that please don't use the mobile for speaking or any other activity when it is kept under charge.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Childhood Play Comes Real

You all know one of the most common childhood plays and a kind of mischief is to make paper planes and make it fly over the classrooms and it was used to play pranks on others, but scientists are trying to make this prank into a useful one.

This idea was brought into picture by the Aeronautical engineers from the Tokyo university. They say that when heat resistant paper is treated with silicon , it can be used to make a plane!!!!!! This was said true by an astronaut at an international space station.

There was a test conducted by making a small prototype of the plane and it was run on a small hypersonic wind tunnel, the planes of this kind which were designed by the Japan Origami Airplane Association which survived temperature of 250 degrees and wind speeds to a mach 7 level which is seven times the speed of sound.

So nowadays there can be even new discoveries which can come even from mischievous pranks played by children. Hats off to the Japanese for having made such a wonderful discovery of planes which can even be made of paper.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Campus- A real boon!!!

Nowadays getting a job is very tough. There is a stiff competition among the students, thereby in interviews we see about 20,000 students competing for a single job. Campus is the solution for this problem. In colleges that is the A and B grade colleges are now signing an MOU with the popular MNC’s as to recruit students pertaining to their college by coming to the college rather having a regular interview. Here the competition is reduced from 20,000 to a mere 600 students. This is somewhat easier and gives students an easy chance to get a job even before the completion of course. By this campus even the average students who do not enough merit but have a good communication skill get placed. So, in this period of time job is only dependent on the college which we join. If we join in a good reputed college there is an assurance of getting a job if we have a reasonable English fluency. So utilize this great boon and raise up in your life.

Remove Child labour

Our society is facing many problems out of which child labour is one of the main problems which is growing day by day. Government is taking enormous effort s in eradicating child labour in India. They are taking many steps in order to educate those children who are deprived of this valuable education. They had also made this child labour a punishable offence, yet there are many people who are practicing this child labour in the interiors that is the villages where there is no awareness of these laws. Now cine stars joined hands in removing this child labour. They are displaying many ads about this laws and importance of education. Thereby through my blog I am contributing a small amount in demolishing this child labour. Please avoid child labour.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Playstation- Craze among Kids

You all know that video games are popular among kids as they are the major source of entertainment among kids. Earlier there were video games which slightly shifted to PC games and now the new trend is that of console games which is more of a high definition gaming. Playstation which has taken the attraction of kids and is also very realistic in nature. The graphics and game play provided by this console makes them involved in this. There are also many genre in games such as action, adventure, strategy games, race etc. Games like football, cricket, rugby are also played by teenagers. So this console gaming is really becoming a hit among kids and it has also reduced the outdoor playing of children.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Six whatever’s about me:

1. I am an easy going person.

2. My first love is my dear sister.

3. I am a bit fast in my speech which had proved positive sometimes and also negative.

4. I often like to spend time with my friends.

5. I am a bit lazy which has cost me a lot.

6. Very fond of eating new recipies and spicy food items.

Five things I miss in my life:

1. My cousin brother who died at a very young age of 3.

2. I miss my school and college life.

3. I miss my Playstation memories.

4. I miss my old friends.

5. I miss my 10th std maths teacher.

Ten things I wanna achieve in a decade:

1. Obviously to improve my blogging skills.

2. To do some kind of a social service.

3. Chance to meet our superstar.

4. Want to trek many hilly regions.

5. To go on a world tour.

6. Of course to earn a reasonable amount of money.

7. Want to be live on TV for atleast 15 minutes.

8. I wish to buy a big bungalow for my family.

9. I want to make my parents even happier and make their life colorful.

10. Wish to interview a great personality in any field.

Book tag:

**Pick up the nearest book.Open to page 123.Find the fifth sentence.Post the next three sentences.Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.**

As you can see, the break statement in the inner loop only causes termination of that loop. The outer loop is unaffected. Here are the two points to remember about break.

- The complete reference Java 2 by Herbert Schildt.

Thanks for the tag mate.

I like to tag to:

1. Vijayaraghavan

2. Boopathi

3. Vaidhy

4. Jayaprabhu

5. Shankar

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stem Cells in Heart

Researchers in the United States have discovered a new group of stem cells which can give rise to heart muscle cells. They are found in the outermost layer of the heart and are called cardiomyocytes. These cells play a critical role of regenerating injured heart tissue. In cases of heart failure the patients tend to lose these cardiomyocytes which leads to cardiac arrest. So the only way to reverse this heart failure is to develop more and more of these cells.This was said by a researcher and a pediatric cardiologist of Children's hospital in Boston. The researcher also said that these stem cells could be derived from the third type stem cell located within the surface of the organ through it's gene expression called Wt1. So these bunch of researchers have today showcased a new way to reverse heart failures by finding a way to convert the heart's outer layer that is the epicardium in to these cardiomyocytes in order to revert heart attacks.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Logitech PS3 Controller

Logitech a Swiss based gadgets maker has launched a new controller for PlayStatation 3 console in the Indian market. The new controller comes with a cordless gamepad. It is built in with 2.4 GHz Cordless Freedom technology. So this new cordless precision controller which is different from those of other cordless controllers as it offers a 30m work range which is on the higher side.

Normally in other controllers we can feel the lag when we play a game but logitech has assured that
there wont be any lag by using this controller and it gives you non-stop gaming experience. It is very accurate and easy to handle. This controller will be an added gift to the PlayStation 3. The cost of this controller in the Indian market is Rs 2990 only. Get your controller and enjoy the livewire gaming.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yahoo - Google Agreement

It has been a long time since Microsoft one of the leading firms in the internet world was eager to get the shares of Yahoo which is one of the leading search engines in the internet. This deal appeared to be the costliest deal ever made. This deal appeared to threaten the Google dominance over the internet. After some problems in the deal now Yahoo and Google have joined hands in an ad agreement in which Google has accepted to deliver its ads next to some of the Yahoo's search results and also in some of its websites in the U.S and Canada. By this deal Yahoo's finances would increase upto $250 million in the cash flow of this year. SO by this deal both Yahoo and Google get benifited. This deal will help Yahoo to compete in its two main lines of business search and display advertising.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A new way to fight Ageing!!

All people today both men and women are worried about ageing. They undergo a lot of treatments , medicines and try out many cosmetics to keep them young. Especially women who are more interested in this particular aspect. The result is they try so many things and suffer the side effects of it.

Here is a simple and easy way to fight ageing. There are two things suggested that has all the ingredients to fight ageing. They are groundnut skin and redwine. The groundnuts which are sold in the snack shops which are shelled, roasted and sometimes salted too. This is not applicable to the groundnuts that is available in other parts of India. Only in Gujarat the pinkish skin of groundnut is being preserved which contains nutritive value.

That pinkish skin is useful because that contains a molecule called Resveratol which helps to fight ageing, and also has some useful properties for good health.Therefore don't peel the skin of groundnut before you eat. Same is for red wine. Drinking a couple of glasses of red wine is beneficial to fight ageing.The resveratol also reduces your hypertension and diabetes.

Friday, June 6, 2008

New Indian Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction

In India another medical discovery was made to cure the disease called erectile dysfunction. Earlier only foreign drugs have been used namely Viagra and cialis. Now a new counterpart has come which is available in India in high peaks of Uttarakhand which is nothing but a Caterpillar Fungus.

This is also called as Yarchagumba or keera ghas which has some aphrodisiac properties. This will therefore be used to manufacture drugs to cure this disease. The HRDI Herbal Research and Development Institute and the Forest Research Institute have joined hands together to complete this project. This will be completed in about 2-3 months time. I hope many more medical discoveries and more Indian manufactured drugs will come in the future to replace foreign drugs.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Miracle in pregnancy!!!

Friends you all know that in earlier days the pregnant women faced more painful deliveries. If there is some complication in the case then either the mother or the child only can be saved. But now due to development of technology pregnancy has now become so easy that the mothers are discharged on the same day of delivery and if there are any complexions it is handled with ease. Now recently doctors have succeeded in completing a complicated delivery. The complication was that the baby was formed in the ovary rather than the uterus. But the baby and the mother were rescued and the baby was also in normal condition weighing 2.8kg. Mother is a Indian born citizen settled in australia. This is another feather added to technology. I hope many more of this achievements will come in the future.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Avoid Racism in sports

In the olden days people were ill treated to the core because of their caste and creed. People faced many insults based on their caste. Now in the present racism has even entered sports especially cricket in which players are being abused of their race and physical appearance. This should not be the case. Sports are one which is to be played by all and has no caste or race to interfere in this. Those persons who are making racist remarks must be severely punished. It should become a criminal offence. Therefore please make us enjoy sports rather than spoiling it by racism.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Frequent Mobile Use Causes Cancer!!!!!

All mobile users beware that there is a new problem arising due to use of mobiles. They were saying that by use of mobiles we may have problems in our ear. Now they have recently discovered that frequent use of mobiles can cause CANCER. This is an alarming signal for all mobile users,but it is scientifically proven that by speaking more than 20 minutes through a mobile our ear will receive heat radiations which may affect the ear first and then it damages our DNA and will collapse the chromosome leading to carcinogenicities which is nothing but cancer. So the mobile users try to cut down the rate of time you speak through mobile. Have major part of your conversations through SMS. Thereby you can save your health and also convey the information efficiently.

By this way you can extend your life. Pass this information to your friends and relations so that everyone will be aware of this and will be saved.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Crucial Match for Knight Riders!!

In the ongoing IPL Cricket tournament three teams have confirmed their semifinal berths. They are Rajasthan royals, KingsXI punjab and Chennai Super kings. Now the fourth spot is being claimed by three teams Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. Now at present Mumbai has a great chance of sneaking through to the semis. So this match is a do- or- die match for Ganguly's team. I wish them all the best to win all their upcoming matches which is the only way through which they can get to the semis.


My Blogger Friends

When i heard the word blog for the first time i did not know what it is and was wondering as many of my friends started saying i am into blogging. So with my friends help i started a blog and started posting my own personal incidents some general information and also information related to gadgets. Soon i had my own blogger friends they often visit my blog and leave their comments in the chat box in my blog. So this was my first achievement in blogging. Now this has become my passion and i started to love my blog to a great extent. I want to improve day by day in this blogging era and start achieving more and more in this field and to improve my friends circle.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

T20 format receives a rousing reception

The latest change introduced in cricket is that of a T20 cricket where only 20 overs are bowled to a side. This is indeed a roller coaster ride and the matches will always have a tight finish. This game does not need any technical brilliance at all is a public opinion, but this game involves planning and strategy making. This game has no respect to bowlers. If a bowler gives 25-30 runs in this format in his quota of 4 overs then it is an economical performance in this format of the game. So people prefer watching T20 rather than 50 overs cricket.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Last Exam

After a long journey my academic career at last came to an end on 8th of may 2008. This was the day when i wrote my last exam. I was pretty much satisfied with my performance in my last exam as i wrote maximum content and minimum story which had never happen in my 4 years of engineering. As i was writing i felt the importance and enjoyment i had in my school and college days which is never to happen again. All unforgettable memories cherished in my mind and also some pain in my heart. The last minute preparations, the tension before 10 mins of the exam, all this can't be experienced again. So i wish my friends a wonderful career ahead and also pray to god to give them good health throughout their life. Friends please stay connected with all others wherever you are. There might be number of problems that we will face in the future we will have sleepless nights and long working hours, but there will be some of our sweet memories with our friends which will be the only relaxing tonic for us to go through our mechanical life.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wrestling creating violence among kids

WWF world wrestling entertainment is creating a violent mind set among kids. Recently this game has been introduced in console gaming and by playing these games the kids get addicted to this game and develop such wild and violent thoughts. Through this game there are many chances that the child can get spoiled and also by watching the wrestling matches in TV. These should be banned from media. No more of this WWF shows must be telecasted. Even if telecasted they should contain a warning disclaimer addressed by the fighters, so that children after seeing this won’t practice this at home.

Friday, April 18, 2008

India and Brazil Exchange Strengths

India and Brazil have come up with important tie with respect to games that is you all know that India is an established team in the game of cricket. In the recent times its record in this game has been commendable. In the same way Brazil is very famous for football. Football is another game which has equal number of audience support and craze. That too in India the craze for football is day by day increasing. So these two countries decided to share their strengths within them, so that India has sent a cricket coach to Brazil in order to develop the game in Brazil in the same way Brazilian coach will train the Indian football team.

Brazil has already joined as a member of ICC in 2002 itself. So maybe in the years we can see a Brazilian cricket team and a well trained Indian football team. I hope this might be the first step to bring out the Indian football team into the FIFA. India has never played a FIFA world cup. I think this is Indian football team’s stepping stone to success. So by this important tie India can do wonders in the game of football. Brazil also can make debut in cricket. This will also help in the globalization of games. I expect more and more ties in the future in this gaming field.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My 100th Post!!!

I have started blogging 7 months back. Ever since i came into this blogging world my passion towards this is going on increasing. Today i have reached a small milestone of writing 100 posts. While writing my 100th post i feel very happy and enthusiastic about this new hobby that i found. I have also introduced this hobby to many of my friends. They are also now involved in this. I hope this continues and i wish to grow as a blogger every day. Blog is something where we can express our ideas, emotions, feelings, humors and anything at free will. So to all bloggers i say is that please help ur co-bloggers to develop day by day and also enjoy your blogging. This day i cant forget because this is my first ever milestone to reach in this blogging era. There are many more milestones to cross. I hope i will cross all the milestones and become a fully developed blogger. My friends without your support i can never cross any milestones, so i request to extend your full support which you are giving till this day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sexual Harassment

Many people now are not opting for a job in a call center or a BPO because of the worst culture prevailing there. The main cause that of sexual harassment. Mainly girls are not opting for a job in call centers. Recently there are many incidents which were based on this sexual harassment. That is in call centers women have to work in the vee hours which proved too risky as some people fix cameras in bathrooms and take some vulgar pictures of a women and blackmail them that they will release these photos in the net thereby sexually harassing them every time showing these pics to them. Most of women die because of this torture. So we have to some how remove this sexual harassment.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dreams no longer a Imagination

Until now, dreams are the one which makes people to wonder. In the past we would say whether our dreams will come true or not. Some people would have a dream which they want to see again. Some may have a haunted dream. So dreams are of many kinds. But now dream is no longer a imaginary one. It can be visualized. Scientist’s team in the U.S lead by Professor Jack Gallant of University of California said that they have a computer to decode the brain activity signals from a scanner and match the photos of what a person has seen. This is a mind- reading technique opted by the scientist’s.

The result of this activity is they say that soon it will become to construct a picture of a person’s visual experience from the measurements of the brain activity alone. They also feel that the information they obtain from the brain activity signals might potentially be sufficient. The signals from the brain are measured using (fMRI) functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The further enhancement of this is it may become possible to re-construct the visual contents of one’s dream. The main intention of this research is to understand the mental state of a person who is in coma.

Conversely, it inevitably raises a fear that such technology could be used to grill a person for “thought crimes”.

The most fearsome Experience of mine!!!!

This incident is one of the thrilling and scary moment of my life. This happened in my school days, when we were playing cricket in the ground nearby our colony. We normally used to end the game before 6 as it will become dark there and also there is a big house nearby which looks to be so haunted at night. Most of the times the house will be locked only. This fine day we played cricket till 7 with the street lights on. When the match was completed suddenly power went off. So all our friends sat in a place and were talking that time an old lady who seemed to be a beggar came and asked some money. We told that we don't have. Then after asking for few minutes she left. Going outside of the ground from where we were sitting will take a minimum of 3-5 mins, but the old lady was off in a flash. We wondered how an old woman can walk so fastly. Then we started to go home, as we crossed the big house this old lady was standing in one of the pillars with his hair loosened. The moment we saw her standing in that tall pillar we all started to run and only stopped at our doorsteps. From that day i never play cricket at evenings.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Babies - Always a wonder!!

Babies are very precious , small and sweet. They dance on their small, soft angel feet. They come from god as a star,what a miracle they are!!! There are some pictures of babies above. By seeing those pictures we feel that a baby is a wonder created by god. A baby is always a wonder or a miracle, because whenever a baby is born irrespective of its color or any other aspects it looks very cute and tiny. A new born baby is one which is so soft and very difficult to handle. It would not even be our hand size. I had my first experience of seeing a new born baby when i was studying 8th standard. It was so enjoyable that i touched the small pink fingers, soft head with some hair. That time i realized how god has created these small wonders. These are some of my collection of babies above. I pray to god that I must remain a baby forever. If you have a chance to look at new born babies admire the wonderful creation of god.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crimes using credit cards

Nowadays credit cards have become very common among people. Right from lower class to higher class people all are having credit cards now. So common has become the credit card crimes too. People are easily being cheated and fooled by some really talented thieves. Whenever you buy a product using credit card is sure that nobody is near you because there is a chance that they will note your card number and that three digit secret PIN number with which they can exploit your credit card by purchasing things online. So be careful with these persons and also use your credit cards wisely.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First Windows Compatible Phone from Sony

This mobile is the first windows mobile. This mobile comprises of 16 bit TFT screen which is somewhat more advanced than the LCD display. This mobile comes with a 3.2 digital camera and we can also do digital recording. Touchscreen technology is also used here. The most important of this phone is with all this features and extensive usage this mobile charge will last for one day or sometimes more than one day, this is because this mobile uses a Lithium-Polymer battery.

The weight of this mobile is just 145 grams. This mobile is a arc slider model. The connectivity it supports are USB2.0, Bluetooth,Wi-Fi and aGPS. Its memory can be expandable upto 8Gb, so that a lot can be stored in this mobile. This mobile supports microSD slots. Another important feature of this phone is it is being integrated with wireless LAN 802.11 for the users to carry out connectivity options in high speed data transfer. So go ahead to buy this phone. This is the most hottest mobile available in the mobile era.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sachin to feature in Olympic run

Master Blaster and the Little master Sachin Tendulkar is all set to feature in the Olympic Torch Relay. This is indeed a deserved honour for a player of his calibre. His achievements in the field of cricket is simply stunning. In his 16 year long career he has broke every recoed in cricket and replaced his name wherever possible. There is a situation now he has to only break his own records again and again. This honour is not enough for him. Recently he got the Prestigeous Padma Vibhushan, but he was also nominated for Bharath Ratna.

In the recent interview he has revealed that he would bid farewell to his cricketing career after the 2011 world cup win. He wants to end his career with a happy and on a winning note. This is something that every player expects on his farewell. Not only India but the whole cricketing world is going to miss such a skilled, legendary and entertaining cricketer. There is no one to replace him. Still now among the younger cricketers he is holding on rank 2 in the ICC ratings which is something wonderful and great. He is a living role model and inspiration for the upcoming cricketers. Though the young cricketers cannot match his legacy they can atleast match to some extent. I wish him a long healthy life after his retirement and also full fitness until he retires from cricket in order to feature in all the matches without an injury.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Criticism always an energy booster

People often get angry when they are criticized for their work or anything. Criticism is nothing but telling your negatives in a hard hitting manner. If we take that criticism in the right sense then it will give us immense confidence to succeed in the same field because of we being criticized. It acts as an energy booster. Most of the people do not see criticism as a positive one. They think when they are criticized they are inferior and loose their confidence. So hereafter take all criticisms in the right way and strive hard to silence the critics on you.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A great Reunion!!!

Hi!!! friends last Wednesday we the CSE department final years planned for a get together as we are going to put an end to our college life. So the venue was fixed as vandalur Zoo. I think it is a nice place to have the reunion. We went at 10:30 to zoo. Every body came by bus, two wheeler and we came by car. Me, arul, bajji, rice, professor and kaani. We all met at the zoo and we took lot of photographs at the entrance itself. After that we all started chatting,giggling ,commenting about others. We had a lot of hilarious conversations. We played by throwing chalk pieces at each other. All this might be more of childishness to you, but this is the last time we can do this. We enjoyed a lot. At lunch we all gathered and shared each and everyone's food. Then we had a look at the zoo,it was fabulous.

We saw variety of animals, birds and the white tiger we saw was the highlight. We were mesmerized by its majestic look and the walk. Then came snakes which were awesome. All the snakes were well preserved. I like to appreciate my friends who chose this venue as the place for reunion. We enjoyed a lot and also had a nice visit to zoo. Finally we had the most enjoyable moments at the park, where the guys raja , ramanujam, sano ,boobu showed some gymnastics. The girls also were having a nice time at the park. After this the great reunion of our lifetime ended by taking Group photos, and we all left with a heavy heart carrying with us lots and lots of memories. I hope we will have many more of this reunions in the future. I miss all of you friends. Always be in touch as much as possible.

Disappointing Show by India

Hi!!! you all might have witnessed the test match between India and South Africa. This test match had some records for India but in the negative side. In this test India registered its 7th lowest total ever in tests and 2nd lowest at home. Secondly this is the first time that team India was dismissed before lunch in its test history. Third is a test match were India has been defeated so harshly that a 5 day match ended in just three days. This is a shame for a team which is so established and has played so many tests than other teams. I hope in the Kanpur test starting 11th of this month,the Indians would balance this defeat by giving a fitting reply to the proteas.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shoaib’s career at stake!!!

Pakistan leading bowlers and one of the most talented players in the recent cricketing days is suffering from a bad patch which I think will end his career. Firstly he was given a two year suspension for injuring his fellow mate Asif. Then after that he spoke some abuse words to the people of PCB. So now he has been banned from any form of cricket for 5 years. All this is happening because of his bad time. I hope he will get rid of this bad time and soon convince the board. I am missing Akthar very much, I miss his aggression. So let’s hope for the best. I want him back to cricket and i am eager to see his pacy bouncers. His unique way of celebrating wickets.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

History awaits Sehwag!!!!

Yesterday at the Chidambaram stadium in Chennai, all the spectators have witnessed an innings of a lifetime. It was Virender Sehwag. The Delhi player who just took the game to India’s favors almost one handedly. There were useful contributions from Jaffer and it’s good to see that Dravid has regained his touch very slowly indeed. Otherwise the rate at which this man scored his runs is awesome. I never felt that India is playing Test Cricket when viru was playing. There was a four almost every over which is something marvelous. The Proteas were sent to every corner of the ground. I am very sorry for the proteas as their bowlers had nothing to do with the pitch. The pitch was favoring 100% to the batsman. But playing a innings like this for the whole day needs to be applauded. His innings was almost near flawless innings. This man has a hard character and also everlasting stamina. Only a person of his caliber can achieve this kind of feat of 2 triple centuries. A 300 is not an easy joke to crack out that too against a pacy bowling attack of proteas. This needs skill and determination. He joined the rare elite group of only 2 batting greats Sir Don Bradman and Brian Lara. It makes us proud that an Indian has joined the elite group. Even though there are so many legends in Indian Cricket and all over the world only this man has able to crack the 300 puzzle twice and this time he cracked the fastest 300. There were 41 boundaries and 6 sixes in his sublime knock. He his having a dream run at the chepauk. Today if he bats carefully until lunch he can break the record of highest individual score in test cricket which is at present owned by Lara 400. If sehwag cracks the 400 puzzle today his record will remain for years to come as it is very tuff to beat. As a Indian I pray to the almighty to shower his blessings upon this determined young lad so he gains a record for himself after doing so much for his team. This must be a reward for his hard work and he deserves it. CHAK DE SEHWAG!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tennis no more for top seeds

In the recent ongoing tennis tournament to a surprise there are no top seeds in the finals. Nowadays the Federer and Nadal showdown is not at all seen. The players entering are unseeded and poor ranked players. This is really a bad time for federer after being dominant for 5 years he is slowly losing his game. One of the reasons maybe is injuries. What about nadal? Why is he not playing well? He was once a great player and a threat to all, but even players like Tsonga who was not so popular in this game made a great mark defeating nadal. In the future tennis won’t be a game for top seeds as it was till federer. I hope federer and my hero nadal recover quickly from their bad patch.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Farewell Time

Friends at last our four years of college life is coming to an end. All of us have reached the peak in a student's life. We are no more students from may8th. We are going to keep a full stop for student and enter the next world of corporates. We are now entering the phase of life where we will be dumped with so much of responsibilities , commitments etc. This corporate world what we are entering is not a world of realities. Until we were students we experienced reality, but now the upcoming atmosphere will be full of a fake world full of lies and many commotions. We will lose our reality and happiness when we become corporates. There will be no true friends as we have now. There won't be any peace in our life. Numerous problems will come and go, but the thing is we all will learn what life is and become good matured citizens. In future if we friends meet each other there won't be any words to speak with. Those moments are precious as diamonds in one's life. So friends always be in touch to share every moment of your life and may our friendship continue till we die. Through my blog i am wishing every final year student especially Sairam CSE final years a happy and memorable farewell.

The Veteran Passed away

On March 19th (ie) yesterday a master and a veteran actor who was born in Kollankod in Palakad district passed away. The person is none other than Raghuvaran. He is a great artist who has done all sorts of roles, but his name got familiar as a villain. his masterpieces include Puriyadha Pudhir in which the dialogue "I KNOW I KNOW" can never be forgotten. Then his acting as "Mark Antony" in Thalaivar's Baasha are the films which earned him name and fame in Tamil film industry. Now he recently completed the film "Yaradi Nee Mohini" where he is the father of Dhanush. The last film he signed up was Indira Vizha. He has acted in Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi films. My favorite's of him are Poovizhi Vassalile, Baasha, Puriyada Pudhir. His wife Rohini who was granted divorce as she did not like his addiction to drinking. He has a son. So Tamil cinema has lost yet another wonderful artist. He died of cardiac arrest at a young age of 49. I am sure all of them in Tamil film industry will miss him very much. I too miss him.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Favourite Game

There are many types of games, out of which i like only games resembling sports. Recently i started playing Pro Evolution Soccer like a freak such that i am now addicted towards the game. The game is so wonderful because of it's game play which attracts a gamer towards it. No other sports game can match it's class. It can also be played both in a console and PC. Upto 6 players can play this game which makes this game even more interesting. When we play this game for a whole day then also we won't get bored up. This is because of the number of variations the game has. When you start hitting goals, you will find another way to hit ur goal so that the interest towards the game only increases. So all gamers enjoy playing this game and get indulged in this.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hard Way to Get the Offer Letter

Today happened to be the most hardest day ever in my college life. Today we were told that we would get our offer letters. This was preceded by a function where Chairman, Principal, Our HOD who is also the placement officer rendered the most boring speech ever by honoring all those people who were behind the success of our college’s wonderful placement record last year. The saddest part is I did not attend the function and at last finally I arrived to college at 12:30 and we were again called to get our offer letters.

All this happened because of opting to leave a bus and come in the next one since we were standing. But our wonderful college responded to our call and sent us a bus after we stood in the roadside for more than 2 hours in the sun very exhausted. When we reached and at the instance when we got the offer letter we felt that as if tones of glucose where fed into us.

This day can never be forgotten in my life, as it had both sweet and bitter experiences. This was the day I felt even getting an offer letter can be made hard and I learnt a lesson of punctuality. So before stepping into corporate world I will improve my punctuality.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony has unveiled the MDR-NC500D, the world's first digital noise canceling headphones. The technology that they have implied in this headphone will reduce the outdoor noise (ie) the noise from planes, trains,buses and any sort of outdoor noise will be filtered and we can get a hi-fi audio experience.

Sony claims that the outdoor ambient noise can be filtered to 99% which is just less than ultimate perfection. The digital noise reducing engine has three filters located in the built-in digital signal processor, which can be tuned to the outdoor noise environments effectively.It can reduce 99%
of ambient noise at 160Hz.

Battery which this phone uses is a internal lithium-ion battery which lasts for 16 hours. There is also a provision for two AA batteries in the absence of a wall plug. The headphone cost is $400. So buy this headphone and enjoy the ultimate digital audio experience.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


In the 8 Facts about Yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Here are the rules.

* Each blogger must post these rules first.
* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.****

My list :

1. I like reading all kinds of short stories involving humor.

2. All of them know that I don’t eat non-veg but that’s not the truth.

3. I have lot of passion towards cricket, now the momentum shifted to football.

4. I like to play console games like ps2, ps3,x-box for long hours.

5. I love travelling very much. The longer I travel more I enjoy.

6. I always like keeping treat often to my friends (mini treat).

7. I have a craze or passion towards horror movies though I mostly like humor.

8. I always love to spend time with my friends.

The bloggers who I tag are:

Shankar, Sadesh, Vinodh Kanna, Vaidhy, Preethika, Annachi, Bala, Ravikumar

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Women's Day to all!!

This is indeed an important day for women. In the past we know how women were. They did not enjoy many rights as men did. But now because of some legendary leaders who fought for the rights of women they enjoy equal status as that of men. Now in this 21st century women enjoy most of the rights which men enjoy. This has also brought many talented women in many fields such as Mother theresa for social service. Sania Mirza, Anju George for sports. Kalpana Chawla and many others. There are also many successful women political leaders. Women are competing with men in every field nowadays. I hope many more talented women would emerge in the future. I wish a happy women's day to all women in the world through my blog.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rewards Given in Excess

Recently India created history by winning it's first edition of the tri-series in Australia by defeating the world champs(so called) after 23 years. It is indeed a great moment, I agree but what BCCI has done is that whenever Team India achieves a milestone it is giving some incentives to the players which is very much needed for the motivation of players. No one can match the motivation of BCCI towards the players, the mistake here is the incentives are given here in excess which will motivate the players in a wrong way. The incentive of 20 or 25 lakhs for every player in the team is unnecessary. If you want to really motivate for the recently concluded CB series you can give the incentives to the players whose contribution was very much important say for example Praveen Kumar and Tendulkar are the players who really deserved the incentive. Instead giving incentives to players like Raina etc who not even played in the series is not fair. This might create a negative motivation on the players. Only the players who perform should be rewarded. Rewards when given in excess might affect the motivation of the team. So this is my kind request to BCCI.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sachin- The man of miracles

Today was another important day in Indian cricket history as India registered there first ever win over Australia at the SCG. This is indeed a big occasion. As usual this feet was achieved by Team India by a cricketing legend and a man who was born to play cricket,none other than Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Whenever he plays cricket he rewrites new records and also make India go further and further. He carried the team lonely without any support for over 15 years. This is indeed a special occasion for him too as he carved a great century that too the first for him in Australia versus Australia in 39 matches. This is just another feather added to his records cap. He is a unimaginable cricketer with unmatchable talent and legacy. So there are no words to praise about him. I really admired the whole innings of every ball he played. He is a man with evergrowing talent and skill.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A new variety of Snake

Friends most of you would have witnessed the different types of snakes which are in the snake parks, but this was the snake which was found recently in a residential locality. The name of the snake is bridal snake. This was seen in a garden of a house when the gardener reported to the forest department all went to capture the snake. That time one of the snake researchers said that this was found 30 years before but after that now only it has again emerged. These kind of snakes are on the verge of extinction. The uniqueness about this snake is it is a nocturnal snake. It is also non-venomous in nature. It is not harmful. The body of the snake will have periodic white and black patches ,whenever it is disturbed it will hide it's head under the body by coiling.

On a Hat-Trick at GKM

Friends you all know that symposiums are a means of earning money in college. Some may earn by participating in formal events such as paper presentations,but most of them earn money only through informal events. In our class there is a group "Enna Koduma Saravanan" which has members who have earned about lakhs through symposiums. Now there is a also a small group of three members formed who are winning at random in symposiums in informal events. The group consists of me ,Arul Prakash and Ciberaj. Yesterday we went to GKM for the second time for a EEE symposium. The main thing here is we are CSE students. There 4 events were about to be held. Paper presentation, Play with wires, Dumb-C and Technical Quiz(EEE). We participated in 3 events where firstly Paper went a flop. Secondly Quiz(EEE) prelims we got through because of the technical brilliance of Ciberaj,me and arul did not contribute anything. It was absolutely one man show. Then in Dumb C because of some good miming from my side and Arul's tremendous guessing we went through Dumb C also to finals. Now at the same time both Dumb c and quiz finals were clashing so we all thought that we would opt for Dumb c rather than quiz since it was a EEE quiz. But fate which later turned out to be a luck played with us as we were seated in quiz finals. First round was rapid fire i just answered for the four questions as for 1-d ,2-c ,3-b, 4- a out of which 3 were correct. we were the leader in the first round. I can't control my laughter. Then second round is identifying characteristics round here was the most hilarious moment.The question was to find out the characteristics of a Diffrentially Compounded Generator and four graphs were given as choices i thought for a moment and answered choice "b". The answer was correct!!!!!! but the way i chose b was from the words Diffrentially Compounded Generator there are 3 words so 3-1=2 and the second is "b" so only. i can't control my laughter that we were the leaders in second round. Third round we played a strategy it was a round where negative marking was employed. So we safeguarded our lucky points by passing all 10 questions asked to us. At last we finished Second in quiz.

In Dumb C there was only one astonishing moment which was the pictorial round (ie) Cibe and Arul has to describe a picture which is something related to EEE only by using mathematical symbols. I have to draw according to their description and identify the picture. They said the description correctly and i also finished the drawing successfull, but the thing was to identify. I thought of leaving the ques but suddenly something flashed in my mind as this was the diagram that Sudarshan sir used to draw in EE/CS period. And i guessed it as motor. It was correct!!!! Cibe started dancing and hopping as they did not expect this answer from me. Even i too did not expect. So all unexpected miracles happened yesterday as we went home each with 400 rupees while we came with only 20 rupees in hand. The same was repeated when we came for the first time to GKM that time the lucky charm was Cibe.

As this being our final year we wont be able to go for the third time to GKM college. Therefore the Hat-Trick remains On a Hat-Trick. Anyway i hope there will be more these like emerging lucky trios in future.