Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peace and Happiness (PH)

Hi, its been long since I shared something on this blog. Today is the red letter day for our group Peace and Happiness as it completes one year in helping and serving the kids in orphanage homes. We started this on the month of Jan 2010 with a team of less than 10 members. Now I am very much proud to say that the team strength has gone above 70 and its still growing. I am also sad that I am not able to attend the PH visits every month because of my work place. I managed to attend one of the visits which was held when I visited chennai on vacation. It was an awesome visit and I enjoyed to the core. 2010 has been so satisfying that we were able to do something good to those who are in need of help. Every month we select an orphanage and conduct some games, fun activities, provide some delicious snacks or food and spend some valuable time with the kids which makes them feel happy and also relaxes our mind after a week full of work at office. Today as we complete one year we decided to celebrate it with the kids of Arumbughal Aalayam by taking around 35 kids and their caretakers to vandalur zoo and provide them a delicious meal. This would be a moment to cherish for all PH volunteers. I hereby wish the PH group all the best for the years to come and once again thank all the PH volunteers for their wonderful contribution throughout the year.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Naan Mahan Alla Review!

Naan mahan alla, the title reminds about the old Rajnikanth classic which was a super hit. Nowadays new films with old film titles are very common. In the past 2 years very few tamil movies have done well at the box office. This film is sure to perform decently at the box office. After a horrid time of seeing movies with punch liners, artificial fights, tata sumo's with goondas, worse graphic effects, this film was a relief. The most important feature of this film is that it comprises of only one fight sequence that too the climax fight. A very basic storyline said in a simple and neat way. The story goes as follows (Karthik) is a irresponsible guy but still very much supported by his family. Karthik's father accidentally becomes a witness for a murder committed by four students who sexually harass women and are drug addicts. The students plan to kill Karthik's father feared being caught by the police and successfully execute the plan by killing him. Karthik then decides to take the illegal way to settle terms with those students for killing his father with the help of a goonda, a friend of him. Finally, the climax goes on to how he accomplishes his target. Karthik's father has done his role well. Karthik himself has performed his role neatly with his flamboyant acting skills. Kajal Agarwwal is just for a formality to play the lead of a heroine. Yuvan's music is above average, nothing special to mention. Apart from some boring love scenes the film is good and it can be watched once.

Overall a decent commercial entertainer with balanced commercial ingredients and a simple storyline. My rating for the movie is 6.5/10.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Very bad Experience in Kolkata!!!

Hi friends, this is one of my biggest embarrassing moments and it will be forever. After completing my initial training at Ahmadabad which was the golden period of my life, i was posted to kolkata. The bad luck was only i was posted to kolkata. I felt very bad to miss my parents,friends, my well wishers and go to kolkata. I was there in kolkata for over 2 months which i consider as the worst days of my life. I felt like hell there in kolkata. This incident happened after 20 days of stay in kolkata. I was traveling in a private bus to city center. Normally buses in kolkata will be overloaded. Fortunately, i was able to stand inside the bus and not near the foot board. Suddenly i felt some strange feeling as somebody is calling me from my back. As the journey progressed the sense of touch started to increase. I suddenly felt that somebody is trying to steal my wallet. When i turned back to see what the mystery is all about, it was a TRANS!!!!!! Oh my god, that is the worse that any guy could experience (A live encounter with a trans). Then the trans got hold my hand and demanded money by doing some illegal activities. I just forcibly pulled my hand and then got down at the next stop without asking for the stop name. At that moment i just want to get rid of this trans. This incident made me feel more embarrassed and i cursed myself for landing in a place like this. From that day onwards i never boarded the buses in kolkata. By god's grace i was reallocated to bhubaneswar. Even though life at bhubaneswar is not so encouraging, it is not as embarrassing as KOLKATA.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life at Bhubaneswar!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends, its been a long time since i wrote something on my blog. Actually i totally forgot about blogging which i was once doing regularly. This is due to my work life, to be more specific my work place(Bhubaneswar). This place has changed my life. When i came to bhubaneswar, it was the first time i came out of my hometown for the first time 22 years. I have always been under the care of my parents. The experiences i had for the first 15-20 days was awesome. I had some really funny moments whenever i was involved in a conversation with the autowala's. Some embarassing moments when i started looking for a house and room mates. It was seriously boring to search for a house alone and hear the same reply "Bachelor's not allowed". Then i somehow got a house in a remote location also gifted with some room mates. Very soon i began to hate the house and the room mates as they were not in my frequency. During the stay in that house my new mobile got stolen. Then i changed another house where my stay did not last for 3 months. Finally, i got a couple of good room mates and an average house nearby to my office but very high rent. Now , my stay at bhubaneswar is partially comfortable. After 2 months of stay here we have applied for an internet connection which lead to this post. Before this for the past 6 months i was not able to check my emails. Today is a great day as it is the first glorious day of my life after nearly 7 months as i am back to blogging. While completing this post i feel very sad, but all good things has to come to an end. I will be back with many more interesting moments which i had in bhubaneswar in my next post.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Training- A unique but an enjoyable platform

Hi friends, it has been a long time since i wrote a post in my blog. Now i am back with a new post to tell my experience which i underwent in my training. I underwent my training at Gandhinagar, Ahmadabad. Firstly, i thought that it will really be a terrible period but, later on i realized that these 4 months was the best i enjoyed in my life. It was such a constrained friendly environment as we had many traditions and cultures under one roof. It was a nice platform to build relationships with many people from different stateo.s. I gathered a lot of friends there. Now after the training, i really miss them a lot. Eventhough we are still in contact with the help of orkut etc. We still miss those weekends we enjoyed together. The short tour trips we went, birthday parties we celebrated. All these will cherish in each and everyone's mind forever.

Alltogether the Initial Learning Programme rocked throughout. In the next post i will share my experience at present in the place where i got posted to

Monday, February 9, 2009

Naan Kadavul - Review

There are very few movies which are so realistic and touch our hearts. Last year, among the movies released only Saroja made a mark. Likewise, this year 2009 had a bunch of films for pongal and even now along with this movie Naan Kadavul many movies were released. All the other movies were tailor made for entertainment and were commercial flicks. This movie stands tall and also different from the lot. After seeing this movie I was stunned. The movie was so realistic and even now I don't believe that I have seen a movie. Everything looks real. Each and every frame in this movie has been molded by bala. My god! What a director he is. His films will always have been on the negative side. The way in which he portrayed the negative side of India has to be appreciated. At the same time I feel bad that he could have helped those people who are suffering rather than just showing us the reality. This is one of the things that our country should be ashamed of. All those people who are indulged in those illegal and torturous activities, please be good after seeing this movie. He has also strongly said that do not believe in god. This message has been strongly conveyed in a rough manner.

Overall I rate 6/10 for the movie, worth watching once.

2 for BALA, for his directing skills.
2 for ILLAYARAJA, for his mind blowing music and re-recording.
2 for ARYA, for his exuberant portrayal of the character.