Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wrestling creating violence among kids

WWF world wrestling entertainment is creating a violent mind set among kids. Recently this game has been introduced in console gaming and by playing these games the kids get addicted to this game and develop such wild and violent thoughts. Through this game there are many chances that the child can get spoiled and also by watching the wrestling matches in TV. These should be banned from media. No more of this WWF shows must be telecasted. Even if telecasted they should contain a warning disclaimer addressed by the fighters, so that children after seeing this won’t practice this at home.

Friday, April 18, 2008

India and Brazil Exchange Strengths

India and Brazil have come up with important tie with respect to games that is you all know that India is an established team in the game of cricket. In the recent times its record in this game has been commendable. In the same way Brazil is very famous for football. Football is another game which has equal number of audience support and craze. That too in India the craze for football is day by day increasing. So these two countries decided to share their strengths within them, so that India has sent a cricket coach to Brazil in order to develop the game in Brazil in the same way Brazilian coach will train the Indian football team.

Brazil has already joined as a member of ICC in 2002 itself. So maybe in the years we can see a Brazilian cricket team and a well trained Indian football team. I hope this might be the first step to bring out the Indian football team into the FIFA. India has never played a FIFA world cup. I think this is Indian football team’s stepping stone to success. So by this important tie India can do wonders in the game of football. Brazil also can make debut in cricket. This will also help in the globalization of games. I expect more and more ties in the future in this gaming field.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My 100th Post!!!

I have started blogging 7 months back. Ever since i came into this blogging world my passion towards this is going on increasing. Today i have reached a small milestone of writing 100 posts. While writing my 100th post i feel very happy and enthusiastic about this new hobby that i found. I have also introduced this hobby to many of my friends. They are also now involved in this. I hope this continues and i wish to grow as a blogger every day. Blog is something where we can express our ideas, emotions, feelings, humors and anything at free will. So to all bloggers i say is that please help ur co-bloggers to develop day by day and also enjoy your blogging. This day i cant forget because this is my first ever milestone to reach in this blogging era. There are many more milestones to cross. I hope i will cross all the milestones and become a fully developed blogger. My friends without your support i can never cross any milestones, so i request to extend your full support which you are giving till this day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sexual Harassment

Many people now are not opting for a job in a call center or a BPO because of the worst culture prevailing there. The main cause that of sexual harassment. Mainly girls are not opting for a job in call centers. Recently there are many incidents which were based on this sexual harassment. That is in call centers women have to work in the vee hours which proved too risky as some people fix cameras in bathrooms and take some vulgar pictures of a women and blackmail them that they will release these photos in the net thereby sexually harassing them every time showing these pics to them. Most of women die because of this torture. So we have to some how remove this sexual harassment.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dreams no longer a Imagination

Until now, dreams are the one which makes people to wonder. In the past we would say whether our dreams will come true or not. Some people would have a dream which they want to see again. Some may have a haunted dream. So dreams are of many kinds. But now dream is no longer a imaginary one. It can be visualized. Scientist’s team in the U.S lead by Professor Jack Gallant of University of California said that they have a computer to decode the brain activity signals from a scanner and match the photos of what a person has seen. This is a mind- reading technique opted by the scientist’s.

The result of this activity is they say that soon it will become to construct a picture of a person’s visual experience from the measurements of the brain activity alone. They also feel that the information they obtain from the brain activity signals might potentially be sufficient. The signals from the brain are measured using (fMRI) functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The further enhancement of this is it may become possible to re-construct the visual contents of one’s dream. The main intention of this research is to understand the mental state of a person who is in coma.

Conversely, it inevitably raises a fear that such technology could be used to grill a person for “thought crimes”.

The most fearsome Experience of mine!!!!

This incident is one of the thrilling and scary moment of my life. This happened in my school days, when we were playing cricket in the ground nearby our colony. We normally used to end the game before 6 as it will become dark there and also there is a big house nearby which looks to be so haunted at night. Most of the times the house will be locked only. This fine day we played cricket till 7 with the street lights on. When the match was completed suddenly power went off. So all our friends sat in a place and were talking that time an old lady who seemed to be a beggar came and asked some money. We told that we don't have. Then after asking for few minutes she left. Going outside of the ground from where we were sitting will take a minimum of 3-5 mins, but the old lady was off in a flash. We wondered how an old woman can walk so fastly. Then we started to go home, as we crossed the big house this old lady was standing in one of the pillars with his hair loosened. The moment we saw her standing in that tall pillar we all started to run and only stopped at our doorsteps. From that day i never play cricket at evenings.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Babies - Always a wonder!!

Babies are very precious , small and sweet. They dance on their small, soft angel feet. They come from god as a star,what a miracle they are!!! There are some pictures of babies above. By seeing those pictures we feel that a baby is a wonder created by god. A baby is always a wonder or a miracle, because whenever a baby is born irrespective of its color or any other aspects it looks very cute and tiny. A new born baby is one which is so soft and very difficult to handle. It would not even be our hand size. I had my first experience of seeing a new born baby when i was studying 8th standard. It was so enjoyable that i touched the small pink fingers, soft head with some hair. That time i realized how god has created these small wonders. These are some of my collection of babies above. I pray to god that I must remain a baby forever. If you have a chance to look at new born babies admire the wonderful creation of god.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crimes using credit cards

Nowadays credit cards have become very common among people. Right from lower class to higher class people all are having credit cards now. So common has become the credit card crimes too. People are easily being cheated and fooled by some really talented thieves. Whenever you buy a product using credit card is sure that nobody is near you because there is a chance that they will note your card number and that three digit secret PIN number with which they can exploit your credit card by purchasing things online. So be careful with these persons and also use your credit cards wisely.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First Windows Compatible Phone from Sony

This mobile is the first windows mobile. This mobile comprises of 16 bit TFT screen which is somewhat more advanced than the LCD display. This mobile comes with a 3.2 digital camera and we can also do digital recording. Touchscreen technology is also used here. The most important of this phone is with all this features and extensive usage this mobile charge will last for one day or sometimes more than one day, this is because this mobile uses a Lithium-Polymer battery.

The weight of this mobile is just 145 grams. This mobile is a arc slider model. The connectivity it supports are USB2.0, Bluetooth,Wi-Fi and aGPS. Its memory can be expandable upto 8Gb, so that a lot can be stored in this mobile. This mobile supports microSD slots. Another important feature of this phone is it is being integrated with wireless LAN 802.11 for the users to carry out connectivity options in high speed data transfer. So go ahead to buy this phone. This is the most hottest mobile available in the mobile era.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sachin to feature in Olympic run

Master Blaster and the Little master Sachin Tendulkar is all set to feature in the Olympic Torch Relay. This is indeed a deserved honour for a player of his calibre. His achievements in the field of cricket is simply stunning. In his 16 year long career he has broke every recoed in cricket and replaced his name wherever possible. There is a situation now he has to only break his own records again and again. This honour is not enough for him. Recently he got the Prestigeous Padma Vibhushan, but he was also nominated for Bharath Ratna.

In the recent interview he has revealed that he would bid farewell to his cricketing career after the 2011 world cup win. He wants to end his career with a happy and on a winning note. This is something that every player expects on his farewell. Not only India but the whole cricketing world is going to miss such a skilled, legendary and entertaining cricketer. There is no one to replace him. Still now among the younger cricketers he is holding on rank 2 in the ICC ratings which is something wonderful and great. He is a living role model and inspiration for the upcoming cricketers. Though the young cricketers cannot match his legacy they can atleast match to some extent. I wish him a long healthy life after his retirement and also full fitness until he retires from cricket in order to feature in all the matches without an injury.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Criticism always an energy booster

People often get angry when they are criticized for their work or anything. Criticism is nothing but telling your negatives in a hard hitting manner. If we take that criticism in the right sense then it will give us immense confidence to succeed in the same field because of we being criticized. It acts as an energy booster. Most of the people do not see criticism as a positive one. They think when they are criticized they are inferior and loose their confidence. So hereafter take all criticisms in the right way and strive hard to silence the critics on you.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A great Reunion!!!

Hi!!! friends last Wednesday we the CSE department final years planned for a get together as we are going to put an end to our college life. So the venue was fixed as vandalur Zoo. I think it is a nice place to have the reunion. We went at 10:30 to zoo. Every body came by bus, two wheeler and we came by car. Me, arul, bajji, rice, professor and kaani. We all met at the zoo and we took lot of photographs at the entrance itself. After that we all started chatting,giggling ,commenting about others. We had a lot of hilarious conversations. We played by throwing chalk pieces at each other. All this might be more of childishness to you, but this is the last time we can do this. We enjoyed a lot. At lunch we all gathered and shared each and everyone's food. Then we had a look at the zoo,it was fabulous.

We saw variety of animals, birds and the white tiger we saw was the highlight. We were mesmerized by its majestic look and the walk. Then came snakes which were awesome. All the snakes were well preserved. I like to appreciate my friends who chose this venue as the place for reunion. We enjoyed a lot and also had a nice visit to zoo. Finally we had the most enjoyable moments at the park, where the guys raja , ramanujam, sano ,boobu showed some gymnastics. The girls also were having a nice time at the park. After this the great reunion of our lifetime ended by taking Group photos, and we all left with a heavy heart carrying with us lots and lots of memories. I hope we will have many more of this reunions in the future. I miss all of you friends. Always be in touch as much as possible.

Disappointing Show by India

Hi!!! you all might have witnessed the test match between India and South Africa. This test match had some records for India but in the negative side. In this test India registered its 7th lowest total ever in tests and 2nd lowest at home. Secondly this is the first time that team India was dismissed before lunch in its test history. Third is a test match were India has been defeated so harshly that a 5 day match ended in just three days. This is a shame for a team which is so established and has played so many tests than other teams. I hope in the Kanpur test starting 11th of this month,the Indians would balance this defeat by giving a fitting reply to the proteas.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shoaib’s career at stake!!!

Pakistan leading bowlers and one of the most talented players in the recent cricketing days is suffering from a bad patch which I think will end his career. Firstly he was given a two year suspension for injuring his fellow mate Asif. Then after that he spoke some abuse words to the people of PCB. So now he has been banned from any form of cricket for 5 years. All this is happening because of his bad time. I hope he will get rid of this bad time and soon convince the board. I am missing Akthar very much, I miss his aggression. So let’s hope for the best. I want him back to cricket and i am eager to see his pacy bouncers. His unique way of celebrating wickets.