Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hi friends!!!! last year(2007) had some beautiful movies, out of that i have selected 10 movies which i think are the best among the lot. This rankings are purely my view. If you think that there are any changes you can give those in comment section..

Movie Number 10: Chennai 600028: A nice entertainer given by Venkat Prabhu without any popular heroes. The film is based on cricket. The film has humor, sentiment,love. All these elements are in a good mix which makes this film good to watch.

Movie Number 9: Oram Po: A nice masala movie by Puskar and Gayathri who are new to direction. This film has earned them some name in the cine industry. This film has Arya , Pooja,Lal in the lead,and also discovered a new comedian John Vijay(Son of Gun) in the film. Altogether a nice movie.

Movie Number 8: Naan Avan Illai: This is a remake of old film with the same name which had Gemini Ganesan in the lead. The new version of the film is done by Jeevan who has done many negative roles since he entered the cine industry. It does suit him a lot. The film stands on it's dialogues and the way it was delivered by Jeevan is mind-blowing.

Movie Number 7: Vel: An out and out commercial treat to all Surya fans. This is the first time that Surya has done a dual role in the film. The film has racy screenplay, hard hitting dialogues which makes the audience spell-bound. This film is directed by Hari.

Movie Number 6: Kallori: A different way of narrating a college life. That narration took this film to new heights. Hats off to Balaji Sakthivel for giving us such a wonderful movie. The movie gives us a real picture of a college student's life. The film is so real that i got involved in the film. All the artists in this film are new, but they performed their roles to perfection.

Movie Number 5: Pokkiri: This film really was a blockbuster for Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay and a nice treat for his fans. This commercial extravaganza was directed by actor turned director Prabhudeva who has made a mark in this film and got a place for himself in the cine industry. This is also a remake of telugu film with the same name featuring Mahesh Babu.

Movie Number 4: Mozhi: This film is the trendsetter for the movies which are coming up with the same storylines. This movie is all about a deaf and dumb lady(Jyothika) and her friends. The film has also got great dose of humor by Prakashraj and Prithviraj, the duo rock. It's a nice film to watch and a must watch movie too..

Movie Number 3: Polladavan: This is the title of the old Rajnikanth movie. This movie has Dhanush in the lead. The film has a simple storyline of having revenge for his bike being stolen. Seems to be simple, but director Vetrimaran has taken this simple subject as the base and produced a beautiful movie which is so real. All the characters in the movie suit to their role very much. The film which came with no expectations for diwali won the battle with all big films released along with it and topped the charts.

Movie Number 2: Billa: The film speaks for itself. This is a remake of the old Superstar movie with the same name. The style of the film is equal to that of a hollywood movie. Also Ajithkumar who is the lead hero in the film has done dual roles. He has a very good screen presence. All are nice about this film. This film directed by Vishnuvardan proved to be a megahit. The film deserves this place.

Movie Number 1: Shivaji: East or West or North or South wherever u go Thalaivar Superstar Rajnikanth is always number one. Still we can't find a equal competitor of his fame and popularity. He is the unbeatable Emperor in the Indian cinema. Rajni's Shivaji came with a lot of hype and lived up to the expectations of a typical Rajni movie. This is a mega budjet film from the famous AVM banner. The film is directed by Shankar, the director who has never tasted a failure. This is the first tamil film to crash into U.K top 10. It created so many records worldwide. So this is my movie number 1!!!!!!!

You can give your suggestions in the comment section if there are any changes according to your views.....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Love and Hate

I am writing this post since Vijay tagged me. This post is about my Love and Hate.

I love to see: All hill stations , Historical places.

I hate to see: Pilgrimage trips , and places which are crowded.

I love it when: Whenever my Friends are with me.

I hate it when: I am alone in my house.

I love to eat: All vegetarian , In non-veg chicken alone.

I hate to eat: All others.

I love to hear: Rahman tracks , Friend's comments and My mother's scholding's.

I hate to hear: Results , Staff's advice.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yappadi Result Nalla Vandudichu!!!!!!

Hi!!!!!!! Friends today is a red letter day for me, because i have cleared 12 out of 13 papers in engg. Yes today exactly at 7:30 p.m the result came. I was stunned to see my result. This is the second time i am seeing an all clear in the current semester. First time i saw in 1st semester an all clear. After that arrear arrear and only arrear. When i was studying 11th i saw my brother's engg result,he had 2 arrears, that time i used to tease my brother "cha enna da arrear vekkara chi chi vekkama illa". But my engg career was full of arrears only. But today i am so happy that i cleared 6 out of my 7 arrears and also the current semester. By clearing this i have cleared away all the barriers which stood has a hinderance for me in joining TCS. All this happened only with the blessings of my parents , then surely god without his blessings this will not happen. Those who don't beleive in god i am saying "God is there", i am a example for it. Next my friends without them i would not have achieved this. Through my blog i thank each and every one who were behind the success of me. Friends thank you!!!!!!!! There is no other word in english to express my gratitude to u all.

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Technical Interview

Hi!!! friends i am currently pursuing my B.E. degree in Sri Sairam Engg College. At the time of 5th semester the campus fever entered in our college. Suddenly there was a drastic change in college atmosphere. We friends who regularly form a gang and chat for hours. Suddenly a month before placement all went calm, everybody was indulged deeply about placement and we suddenly felt that there was a huge responsibility in our shoulders. So all of them started preparing day and night for the campus. We form a gang at each friend's house for chatting,but now we formed for studying and analysing important points for interview. This was a remarkable change. Then the day came, first test was for aptitude and the question paper was as easy that the same problems what we did and practised day and night only came. So all the friends in our gang went through the test easily. Then the second day........

It was the second day that the technical interview was about to commence. We felt this is going to be a nice experience as we were introduced to such tensed atmosphere for the first time. Also all our classmates were in their best dresses in order to impress the interviewer. The situation was also a bit hilarious because all boys and girls were dressing to the core. At the other side we were just remembering the syntaxes for the important functions. We also went through important programs at a glance. We had absolutely no idea how an interview would be,and how they will ask questions. There was a slight fear which went through our spines and we were half cholked. Our staffs called the names of students and my turn came...........

I entered the room in which the interview was taking place and the conversation begins..

Me: Excuse me sir!! May i come in!!
There was no reply for me(Tension level increased)
Again i asked Excuse me sir!!
Interviewer: come in (in a bold voice)
Then he said to take my seat.

Then only i realised myself partly and saw the interviewer's face with all my courage. He then made a pleasant smile which made me some wat comfortable. After that three members came in two men and a women. The lady interviewer straight away came and asked for my resume, i gave it then she never spoke a word to me. Only the other two men were intervieweing me. The conversation continues........

Interviewer: What are the current semester subjects you are studying now?
Me: I answered this question by saying all my subjects with confidence.

Interviewer: What is the difference between Windows 2000 server family and Windows Xp?
Me: I was not well versed with Windows 2003 Server family so i answerd this question partly and at this moment my tension level was at peak.

Then the other person asked questions at a rapid rate that i told the same answer do know for 4 answers. then i confirmed that i will not be selected for the next round. After sometime they saw my resume and asked questions from my strong subject and i also answered with some ease. then suddenly the lady interviewer who did'nt even spoke a word to me asked a question for the first time. She asked me about the experience of my industrial visit(IV). And i explained what all i saw in that visit,but the expression she gave showed negative signs,at this instance the confidence level of mine dropped a bit. Then she asked me about some general questions of my hobbies and my favourite past-times. this time i saw a positive expression on her face.

Then the interview was over i answered only 7 of 12 questions which were asked. After they said me to leave the room i wished all the three of them by greeting them with a final hand-shake and left the room. In a matter of ten minutes the results were announced and i was one among the students who were selected for the next round. I was not in this world, there were no words to speak about i was just roaming here and there very restless. Then i got through the final interview with more confidence and i got placed in the very first company that came for campus recruitment in our college.

Thus ends my interview experience.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yaradi Nee Mohini

Hi! Friends as there was not much of a response towards the pongal releases.
Not even a single film was good and was upto the mark. Now a lot of hype is going about a film Yaradi Nee Mohini starring Dhanush and Nayanthara which is the remake of telugu film
"Aadavari Matalu Ardalu Verule". In telugu the roles were done by Venkatesh and Trisha. 
At one of the interviews having both Dhanush and Nayanthara it seems there on and off screen chemistry were very good and this will help in the success of the film. Enjoy the trailer by clicking on this link..

Monday, January 14, 2008

Smokeless "BHOGI"

Hi!!!! Friends all of you know the day before pongal we celebrate "Bhogi". In the olden days Bhogi was celebrated as the day where we forget all about the past and old, so we burn the old things which we have in our house like clothes etc.. Instead we can give those clothes which are old to us to someone who dosen't have anything to cover their body. The old things for us maybe new things for those who cannot afford anything. By burning we are only polluting the environment and the Ozone layer. Please co-operate with the government orders and make this Bhogi more Eco-Friendly and save the environment for the future generation to survive. This must be followed by each and every citizen of our country. So friends please take this as s request and celebrate Bhogi without smoke.. Thank you!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The film "Sultan the Warrior is the first ever made 3D animated movie. It is produced by Adlabs in association with Ocher Studios which is an indian based animation company. The film is so special because it has the animated figure of Superstar Rajnikanth and the dialogues of that animated movie is voiced by Rajnikanth himself. The film is slated for 2009 release in 4 languages English, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. the film is directed by Rajnikanth's second daughter Soundarya. The musical department by our legend A.R.Rahman. Title song for this movie is in english for which they are searching for an international artist to sing. The art work involved in this movie is done by Thottha Tharani.

The trailer of that film was featured during the release of Thalaivar's recent movie Shivaji. Soundarya Rajnikanth has already had an experience in film making by accompanying director S.J.Suryah in the film "Anbe Aaruyire". Now she has travelled all the way to Brazil for the animation development of the film which is being handled by some international experts over there. The film is said to have been made at a whooping price of about 50 crores,highest for an animation film. The duration of the film is exactly 1hour and 30minutes. All rajni fans expect this film to have all the ingredients necessary for a typical Rajni film such as action stunts, one liners etc.. Already there is a great hype for the film. I wish this film to become a blockbuster and to become the second Rajni film to break into U.K. top 10 list. The film trailer can be viewed by clicking this link.. Sultan.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Umpire - The real winner of sydney test

Hi!!!! all of you have seen the headlines about the recently concluded sydney test between india and australia. I have been told that in the game of cricket either a batsman or a bowler can take the game away from the opponent team but i realised that even an umpire can win the match for a team. Team india which played fantastic and most importantly honest cricket. The saddest part is that india alone played honest cricket. The indians were being exposed to a kind of blind umpiring that is even a person of age 20 years with cricketing knowledge and a good eyesight will not give a worst decision like what happened in the sydney test. Secondly the world champions "Aussies" who were the most to talk about sportsmanship spoiled the spirit of the game and their name in cricket. Aussies who were expected to be the people of high calibre behaved as children playing in streets. The umpires also are giving decisions by consulting the players on field example ganguly dismissal in second innings. Just by ponting signalling out the umpire took the decision, then what is the need of third umpire. This is just spoiling the spirit of the game. If this scenario continues then the interest towards the game and the morale of the players will also get affected that too in a country like india were cricket is not just a game but relegion. So i request the umpires not to repeat this, i also sincerely suggest proper training for umpires who are new and old to handle pressures and critical situations in order to keep the game of cricket more interesting. I hope team india recovers from this incident and come again strongly in the third test.

Sachin - The Century Maker

Hi! folks as u all know that sachin is said to be a perfect name with which we can define the game cricket. But in the recent times the century maker sachin did not get is most awaited 38th hundred,for which every sachin fan was waiting. He got many fatal decisions in the 90's and some of them were missed by his own errors. At last in sydney that too against the mighty aussies(but not now),the century was special and this knock was filled with his class elegance. According to me i saw the sachin who i saw 10 years back. His innings was fearless and admiring to watch. But the most disappointing thing is india lost the match which could have atleast been drawn by putting some effort. But, the great news is that sachin is at his best and has made a full stop to all his barriers. I wish he should pile up more centuries under his belt till his last test. I also pray to god to give him good health and stamina to achieve this.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Nutritious Diet is necessary

In the olden days since people were having a balanced diet the life span of an individual were 70, but now it has reduced to 50 because of our food habits, our culture etc. The food we eat nowadays such as pizzas, burgers which are so harmful to health and most of teenagers love this kind of food compared to green vegetables leading to reduce in the life span of individual. Please come out of this culture and always have a balanced nutritious diet which is very good for health. Have that kind of dishes rarely so that health won’t be spoiled.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Passive smoking is dangerous than active smoking

Smoking is injurious to health but the one who smokes is not only getting affected by cancer, but he also spreads the disease to the one sitting nearby and inhaling that smoke. This is called passive smoking. An active smoker only inhales 20% of the smoke and lets off 80% in the air, those who inhale that smoke and get affected are called passive smokers. Though their intention was not to smoke they inhale some smoke let off by that smoker which leads to cancer. So smokers don’t smoke in a public place and infect others.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My placement

This is the only moment to cherish in my disastrous engineering career. It all started in the month of February when our HOD came to our class and said about the placement,she also told the first company is TCS. After this announcement the placement fever was terribly spreading. AT this instance my entry into this company's exam(Aptitude) was very feeble. Then after Hod's support i entered into TCS apti test.I got through the first step successfully with the help of sadesh .Then that night i studied the whole night and even during sleep i was blabbering the syntaxes.
The next day was a magical day of my life.I saw my friends coming out rejected,but when they said my name in the shortlisted students i was at the peak of happiness.Then at night(8:00) the result came through net.I even took the printout of that page which has the list of selected students and i was admiring for the whole week.This is one of my great moments.