Friday, September 26, 2008

My best fortune

This is one of the most luckiest days i have ever come across. Myself along with two of my friends arul and cibe left for the symposium to GKM college. We all went to that college with just 10 rupees in hand not even having petrol for the return journey. When we entered the collge we saw that it was a symposium for EEE students. Then we saw that there were 4 events to be held. First we participated in Dumb-C which is our favourite event. We made it to finals and won. We also won the EEE technical quiz which is purely by luck. Finally we went home with each having 500 in our pocket.

Went to college for the last time

Yesterday i went to my college for the last time to get my provisional and my remaining semester mark sheets. While i started to my college i was accompanied by my friend arun. We went to our college in a two wheeler. The journey was nasty because the roads were so nasty and the same. When we reached our college gates we were covered by a thick layer of dirt. Then we went inside our college and met our staffs and all those who have helped us to finish this course. We then met our HOD who provided us with placement. Then we went to office room and collected our certificates. When i saw the word first class in my certificate i was so happy so that the insults and scoldings i have got during the course seemed to be vanished. I just can't forget that moment. I cherished in joy. Through my blog i thank all my friends and staffs who helped me to complete the course. I also thank my college for providing me with a placement and laying the foundation for my career.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Favourite Cartoon

Today most of the young guys and girls are mostly addicted to cartoons and animated series. I am also addicted to these cartoons. My favourite cartoon is Tom and Jerry kids and the Popoye show. These two shows are simply superb. They are so hilarious and also are the best means of passing time. if we watch these shows you can never see how time passes of. i also get some relaxation after a routine day of work. Even my sister is very fond of this show. She often keeps alarm and sleeps in order to watch the show. If she misses she will see the re telecast in the morning without fail. In this way cartoons play a vital role in my family.

Rap Music- An addiction

Music is one of the means that is attracting people mostly. There are various styles in music. Since music is a vast area it is divided into many dimensions. They are Indian Carnatic music, western pop music. Other than this there are various styles and rap music is one among them. Recently this rap music has won the hearts of many youngsters and they are expecting a rap song in every new movie that releases. This rap music is nothing but combining the lyrics of two languages and giving it in a different way by a different voice modulation.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Google's Tenth birthday

Google the famous and dominant search engine has entered into it's 11th year from today. A decade has passed since the launch of this great search engine. Google was the search weapon which was launched mainly to stop yahoo's progress. It started slowly and steadily and now it has emerged as an unstoppable one in the internet world. Yahoo was shocked with Google's progress and has come with an agreement with Google that will be beneficial to yahoo and at the same time Google will also continue to dominate the internet world. Let's all wish Google to prolong its services for many more years. I convey my hearty wishes through my blog.

Monday, September 1, 2008

India tops in Astronomy Olympiad

In the recently concluded official tests India has got the overall championship in the astronomy Olympiad and was awarded the best team in the Olympiad. India won two gold’s, two silver’s and one bronze medal to its tally. These show the interest of Indian astronomers towards the field of space research and many astronomical programs. I hope that India wins many more astronomical tournaments and quizzes like this and will surely be the number one in this field in the coming years. We have to develop our infrastructure and Indian government must also look into this field carefully and keep aside some money which is to be exclusively spent on this space research. Many more foreign countries must involve in this to make space research in India a successful one.