Friday, May 23, 2008

Avoid Racism in sports

In the olden days people were ill treated to the core because of their caste and creed. People faced many insults based on their caste. Now in the present racism has even entered sports especially cricket in which players are being abused of their race and physical appearance. This should not be the case. Sports are one which is to be played by all and has no caste or race to interfere in this. Those persons who are making racist remarks must be severely punished. It should become a criminal offence. Therefore please make us enjoy sports rather than spoiling it by racism.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Frequent Mobile Use Causes Cancer!!!!!

All mobile users beware that there is a new problem arising due to use of mobiles. They were saying that by use of mobiles we may have problems in our ear. Now they have recently discovered that frequent use of mobiles can cause CANCER. This is an alarming signal for all mobile users,but it is scientifically proven that by speaking more than 20 minutes through a mobile our ear will receive heat radiations which may affect the ear first and then it damages our DNA and will collapse the chromosome leading to carcinogenicities which is nothing but cancer. So the mobile users try to cut down the rate of time you speak through mobile. Have major part of your conversations through SMS. Thereby you can save your health and also convey the information efficiently.

By this way you can extend your life. Pass this information to your friends and relations so that everyone will be aware of this and will be saved.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Crucial Match for Knight Riders!!

In the ongoing IPL Cricket tournament three teams have confirmed their semifinal berths. They are Rajasthan royals, KingsXI punjab and Chennai Super kings. Now the fourth spot is being claimed by three teams Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. Now at present Mumbai has a great chance of sneaking through to the semis. So this match is a do- or- die match for Ganguly's team. I wish them all the best to win all their upcoming matches which is the only way through which they can get to the semis.


My Blogger Friends

When i heard the word blog for the first time i did not know what it is and was wondering as many of my friends started saying i am into blogging. So with my friends help i started a blog and started posting my own personal incidents some general information and also information related to gadgets. Soon i had my own blogger friends they often visit my blog and leave their comments in the chat box in my blog. So this was my first achievement in blogging. Now this has become my passion and i started to love my blog to a great extent. I want to improve day by day in this blogging era and start achieving more and more in this field and to improve my friends circle.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

T20 format receives a rousing reception

The latest change introduced in cricket is that of a T20 cricket where only 20 overs are bowled to a side. This is indeed a roller coaster ride and the matches will always have a tight finish. This game does not need any technical brilliance at all is a public opinion, but this game involves planning and strategy making. This game has no respect to bowlers. If a bowler gives 25-30 runs in this format in his quota of 4 overs then it is an economical performance in this format of the game. So people prefer watching T20 rather than 50 overs cricket.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Last Exam

After a long journey my academic career at last came to an end on 8th of may 2008. This was the day when i wrote my last exam. I was pretty much satisfied with my performance in my last exam as i wrote maximum content and minimum story which had never happen in my 4 years of engineering. As i was writing i felt the importance and enjoyment i had in my school and college days which is never to happen again. All unforgettable memories cherished in my mind and also some pain in my heart. The last minute preparations, the tension before 10 mins of the exam, all this can't be experienced again. So i wish my friends a wonderful career ahead and also pray to god to give them good health throughout their life. Friends please stay connected with all others wherever you are. There might be number of problems that we will face in the future we will have sleepless nights and long working hours, but there will be some of our sweet memories with our friends which will be the only relaxing tonic for us to go through our mechanical life.