Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't attend the call when the cell is Kept in Charge

Friends this post is for all mobile users. Nowadays the mobiles which are coming with so many features such as mp3,FM,Camera, Blue tooth etc are not able to withstand the charge constantly when used throughout the day. So we charge it often. Sometimes an important call may come and the phone will be kept for charging. People who speak for long hours will speak with the phone in charge itself. It is very much Dangerous!!!!!!!! please friends if anybody has this habit try hard to get rid of this habit. I recently saw the news related to this. A boy of 20 years of age who was speaking in the mobile kept on charge. Suddenly he felt some vibrations in his hand and the result he lost his sensitiveness in his hand. Many doctors say that there will be even more serious results because of this habit. So friends my kind request to u all is that please don't use the mobile for speaking or any other activity when it is kept under charge.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Childhood Play Comes Real

You all know one of the most common childhood plays and a kind of mischief is to make paper planes and make it fly over the classrooms and it was used to play pranks on others, but scientists are trying to make this prank into a useful one.

This idea was brought into picture by the Aeronautical engineers from the Tokyo university. They say that when heat resistant paper is treated with silicon , it can be used to make a plane!!!!!! This was said true by an astronaut at an international space station.

There was a test conducted by making a small prototype of the plane and it was run on a small hypersonic wind tunnel, the planes of this kind which were designed by the Japan Origami Airplane Association which survived temperature of 250 degrees and wind speeds to a mach 7 level which is seven times the speed of sound.

So nowadays there can be even new discoveries which can come even from mischievous pranks played by children. Hats off to the Japanese for having made such a wonderful discovery of planes which can even be made of paper.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Campus- A real boon!!!

Nowadays getting a job is very tough. There is a stiff competition among the students, thereby in interviews we see about 20,000 students competing for a single job. Campus is the solution for this problem. In colleges that is the A and B grade colleges are now signing an MOU with the popular MNC’s as to recruit students pertaining to their college by coming to the college rather having a regular interview. Here the competition is reduced from 20,000 to a mere 600 students. This is somewhat easier and gives students an easy chance to get a job even before the completion of course. By this campus even the average students who do not enough merit but have a good communication skill get placed. So, in this period of time job is only dependent on the college which we join. If we join in a good reputed college there is an assurance of getting a job if we have a reasonable English fluency. So utilize this great boon and raise up in your life.

Remove Child labour

Our society is facing many problems out of which child labour is one of the main problems which is growing day by day. Government is taking enormous effort s in eradicating child labour in India. They are taking many steps in order to educate those children who are deprived of this valuable education. They had also made this child labour a punishable offence, yet there are many people who are practicing this child labour in the interiors that is the villages where there is no awareness of these laws. Now cine stars joined hands in removing this child labour. They are displaying many ads about this laws and importance of education. Thereby through my blog I am contributing a small amount in demolishing this child labour. Please avoid child labour.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Playstation- Craze among Kids

You all know that video games are popular among kids as they are the major source of entertainment among kids. Earlier there were video games which slightly shifted to PC games and now the new trend is that of console games which is more of a high definition gaming. Playstation which has taken the attraction of kids and is also very realistic in nature. The graphics and game play provided by this console makes them involved in this. There are also many genre in games such as action, adventure, strategy games, race etc. Games like football, cricket, rugby are also played by teenagers. So this console gaming is really becoming a hit among kids and it has also reduced the outdoor playing of children.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Six whatever’s about me:

1. I am an easy going person.

2. My first love is my dear sister.

3. I am a bit fast in my speech which had proved positive sometimes and also negative.

4. I often like to spend time with my friends.

5. I am a bit lazy which has cost me a lot.

6. Very fond of eating new recipies and spicy food items.

Five things I miss in my life:

1. My cousin brother who died at a very young age of 3.

2. I miss my school and college life.

3. I miss my Playstation memories.

4. I miss my old friends.

5. I miss my 10th std maths teacher.

Ten things I wanna achieve in a decade:

1. Obviously to improve my blogging skills.

2. To do some kind of a social service.

3. Chance to meet our superstar.

4. Want to trek many hilly regions.

5. To go on a world tour.

6. Of course to earn a reasonable amount of money.

7. Want to be live on TV for atleast 15 minutes.

8. I wish to buy a big bungalow for my family.

9. I want to make my parents even happier and make their life colorful.

10. Wish to interview a great personality in any field.

Book tag:

**Pick up the nearest book.Open to page 123.Find the fifth sentence.Post the next three sentences.Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.**

As you can see, the break statement in the inner loop only causes termination of that loop. The outer loop is unaffected. Here are the two points to remember about break.

- The complete reference Java 2 by Herbert Schildt.

Thanks for the tag mate.

I like to tag to:

1. Vijayaraghavan

2. Boopathi

3. Vaidhy

4. Jayaprabhu

5. Shankar

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stem Cells in Heart

Researchers in the United States have discovered a new group of stem cells which can give rise to heart muscle cells. They are found in the outermost layer of the heart and are called cardiomyocytes. These cells play a critical role of regenerating injured heart tissue. In cases of heart failure the patients tend to lose these cardiomyocytes which leads to cardiac arrest. So the only way to reverse this heart failure is to develop more and more of these cells.This was said by a researcher and a pediatric cardiologist of Children's hospital in Boston. The researcher also said that these stem cells could be derived from the third type stem cell located within the surface of the organ through it's gene expression called Wt1. So these bunch of researchers have today showcased a new way to reverse heart failures by finding a way to convert the heart's outer layer that is the epicardium in to these cardiomyocytes in order to revert heart attacks.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Logitech PS3 Controller

Logitech a Swiss based gadgets maker has launched a new controller for PlayStatation 3 console in the Indian market. The new controller comes with a cordless gamepad. It is built in with 2.4 GHz Cordless Freedom technology. So this new cordless precision controller which is different from those of other cordless controllers as it offers a 30m work range which is on the higher side.

Normally in other controllers we can feel the lag when we play a game but logitech has assured that
there wont be any lag by using this controller and it gives you non-stop gaming experience. It is very accurate and easy to handle. This controller will be an added gift to the PlayStation 3. The cost of this controller in the Indian market is Rs 2990 only. Get your controller and enjoy the livewire gaming.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yahoo - Google Agreement

It has been a long time since Microsoft one of the leading firms in the internet world was eager to get the shares of Yahoo which is one of the leading search engines in the internet. This deal appeared to be the costliest deal ever made. This deal appeared to threaten the Google dominance over the internet. After some problems in the deal now Yahoo and Google have joined hands in an ad agreement in which Google has accepted to deliver its ads next to some of the Yahoo's search results and also in some of its websites in the U.S and Canada. By this deal Yahoo's finances would increase upto $250 million in the cash flow of this year. SO by this deal both Yahoo and Google get benifited. This deal will help Yahoo to compete in its two main lines of business search and display advertising.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A new way to fight Ageing!!

All people today both men and women are worried about ageing. They undergo a lot of treatments , medicines and try out many cosmetics to keep them young. Especially women who are more interested in this particular aspect. The result is they try so many things and suffer the side effects of it.

Here is a simple and easy way to fight ageing. There are two things suggested that has all the ingredients to fight ageing. They are groundnut skin and redwine. The groundnuts which are sold in the snack shops which are shelled, roasted and sometimes salted too. This is not applicable to the groundnuts that is available in other parts of India. Only in Gujarat the pinkish skin of groundnut is being preserved which contains nutritive value.

That pinkish skin is useful because that contains a molecule called Resveratol which helps to fight ageing, and also has some useful properties for good health.Therefore don't peel the skin of groundnut before you eat. Same is for red wine. Drinking a couple of glasses of red wine is beneficial to fight ageing.The resveratol also reduces your hypertension and diabetes.

Friday, June 6, 2008

New Indian Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction

In India another medical discovery was made to cure the disease called erectile dysfunction. Earlier only foreign drugs have been used namely Viagra and cialis. Now a new counterpart has come which is available in India in high peaks of Uttarakhand which is nothing but a Caterpillar Fungus.

This is also called as Yarchagumba or keera ghas which has some aphrodisiac properties. This will therefore be used to manufacture drugs to cure this disease. The HRDI Herbal Research and Development Institute and the Forest Research Institute have joined hands together to complete this project. This will be completed in about 2-3 months time. I hope many more medical discoveries and more Indian manufactured drugs will come in the future to replace foreign drugs.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Miracle in pregnancy!!!

Friends you all know that in earlier days the pregnant women faced more painful deliveries. If there is some complication in the case then either the mother or the child only can be saved. But now due to development of technology pregnancy has now become so easy that the mothers are discharged on the same day of delivery and if there are any complexions it is handled with ease. Now recently doctors have succeeded in completing a complicated delivery. The complication was that the baby was formed in the ovary rather than the uterus. But the baby and the mother were rescued and the baby was also in normal condition weighing 2.8kg. Mother is a Indian born citizen settled in australia. This is another feather added to technology. I hope many more of this achievements will come in the future.