Thursday, August 23, 2007

England Vs India

There are lot of things to talk about when it comes to cricket. All of u know india under the captaincy of rahul dravid won a rare test series win over england in england and registered it's 25th overseas win. Immediately after this win india lost the first ODI by a huge 104 run defecit.A loss like this just after the test victory can break the confidence of the whole team.

In the first ODI captain "Rahul Dravid" made a fucking decision to bowl on a "batting" pitch as said in the pitch report. This was the first main flaw for the loss of the match. No other captain will agree to bat under lights where there will be more swing than in the daytime.I also suggest a change in the captaincy.

when elected to bowl the indian bowlers were been hit to all corners of the ground especially "Agarkar" who was the one who was the one completely out of form and needs a break. piyush chawala the young leg spinner needs experience so he can't be blamed. zaheer and r.p. singh where the only bowlers who pose some threat to the english batsman.

The english batting especially cook who got is maiden ODI ton was playing superbly that nobody will say that this is his maiden ton he placed his innings so beautifully with good shot selection and some gorgeous drives.He is sure the rising star for england well supported by bell the man of the match. The english posted a daring 288only for the loss of two wickets owned by zaheer and r.pingh each.

the indian batting failed very badly as none took the responsibility to carry on the innings. The wickets at regular intrevals made it easy for england. James anderson was the destroyer in the indian batting order as he got 4 wickets, well supported by other bowlers. flintoff had a good run at his comeback match.

so overall it was england england......... everywhere in the whole match. so i hope the indian team will recover from this and play well in the second ODI.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Style or Acting (Which rules “Tamil cinema”):

Dear friends! This is a interesting topic to talk on. My question is whether style or acting plays a dominant role in cinema today. So I have made comparisons generation wise. I noticed that in every generation there were two or more than two personalities expressing these features. Now let’s go to the comparisons.

Shivaji and MGR:

The first generation I m comparing is (Nadigar Thilakam) ShivajiGanesan and (Puratchi Thalaivar) MGR. Let’s See first about shivaji, he is one of the prodigies who was a living portrayal to show wat is acting all about. We define acting in one word that is shivaji. He has created such an impact in the hearts of people. He has done almost all sorts of characterizations and portrayed all freedom fighters through his mind blowing acting skills. For example we have studied that veerapandiya kattabomman, chidhambaranar, bharathiyar are known for their braveness. Those have been portrayed lively by this legend. We got a chance to atleast see those brave personalities through shivaji. Surely he is the father of acting.

Next MGR he is the person who gained popularity not because of his acting skills. Through his own style that is speaking lively and punch dialogues and portraying all public issues that people face and by that way he gained craze. His films will all have a same resemblance of having a social awareness song supporting the downtrodden community, and at the climax long fights these are his usual formulae of his films. When compared with shivaji MGR has relatively less potentials of acting.


Here the dominant personality was MGR when compared with shivaji. This can be proved when Shivaji competed in an election was defeated of not even getting a deposit. While MGR with people’s support became a (CM). Though the fan support for shivaji was not less than MGR. he did not get as much support as it was to MGR. So here the style was dominant.

Rajni and Kamal:

The next generation was between (Super Star) Rajnikanth and (Padmashree) Kamalhasan. Coming to rajni(Thalaivar) is one of the most popular cinema artists in asia. He was an ordinary bus conductor when he came to film industry. The main reason or the unique thing about rajni is his style, style means when he does something it looks more stylish when compared with the ordinary one, for example the way he catches the cigarette, the way of wearing the spectacles, the way of delivering dialogues in a powerful and in a way that strikes us with a punch. He was the origin or father of punch lines. No cinema of him has went without a punch line. Also rajni has portrayed his acting skills in films like Ragavendra, aaru mudhal arupathu varai. But his main attraction was the style which brought him masses. Even still he is competing with today’s young heroes in the cinema. He has the most number of fan clubs all over the world with a spellbounding(35000) only in tamilnadu!!!!!!!!!!1 wat an astounding figure. That is rajni’s magical spell on the people. The main thing in his films are no vulgarties, creating social awareness, being a role model etc.. also in every film he has lived upto the people’s expectations. His films have a standard and unique format.

On the other hand Kamalhasan is one who is a gift to cinema especially tamil cinema. He is one of the legends who could do any type of role to the peak of perfection. His different ways of acting, his approach to the character he does is an approach of a chameleon u can’t differentiate kamal and character both will be superimposed. He only remained as a equal competitor to rajni and it is the same case still now. His legendary films are nayagan, anbesivam, moondram pirai, varumayin niram sivappu and so on. The phenomenal part is no film of his will resemble any other film all will be different in all aspects. His string point was acting. He too gained masses but not as much as rajni.


Here also style prevails over acting and we can clearly say this by watching the responses of people to their movies. Even today if both films of these actors are released simultaneously Rajni beats kamal in a very huge margin this is the fact.

Vijay and Ajith:

Actually in this generation who joined to acting side that is vikram, madhavan ajith but for comparison I have taken two. Vijay is the only lone hero following style and punch lines as the same followed by rajni in this generation. Me writing this post is a great fan of him I d know why I was attracted towards him. But vijay though being in for 10 years in cinema has not achieved anything as compared to people in previous generation. He by following the same formula of rajni has still not made a mark in tamil cinema it is a fact. But he too has gained masses. The only strong point of him is dancing he is one of the best dancers in tamil film industry but this is not enough for an artist he must show some potential by deviating from his old style instead of copying other films he could do films that are somewat different. He dosen’t even changes his hair style that is the pitiable part of him. I m sorry to say this as a vijay fan. I hope he reforms himself in his upcoming films and survives in the competition.

Though we argue for fan sake between vijay and ajith, ajith has always had the upper hand. He has completely won in this race. He has overtaken vijay in all aspects. There is nothing wrong to say the truth but I will still remain a vijay fan no doubt about it. Ajith has displayed is acting skills in films like aasai, vaali, villain, citizen. He also adopted the methods of punch lines and style in films like thirupathi,and some senseless movies like aazhwar which became a flop. Then he rectified his mistake and came up with a commendable performance in godfather(Varalaru) which he got accolades from Superstar. So he is improving day to day and his fans expect more from him and he also has the potential to do that the only problem is to choose nice roles and fulfill his fan’s expectations.


Dominancy for the first time shifted towards acting in this era as many artists gave importance to acting rather than mer style. But even in this situation the mass is only for style. Even if the film is nice and the actor has performed well the first priority is given to style example(Rajni starrer Shivaji). This is the place where there was a shift in the mindset of actors but not in people

Upcoming Tamil cinema:

Nowadays the entry in tamil cinema as become so easy (Vedala pasangala vandhittanga). But my question is will style still prevail over acting or will there be a phenomenal change in the tamil cinema. Tell me ur comments on how the (tamil cinema) will be in another five years. Will there be style or acting.