Friday, November 30, 2007

Most Awaited Hundred

Hi! friends today india and pakistan are clashing for the second time.. today is the second test match being held at Kolkata at the eden gardens. But the saddest part is our little master still cannot register a century for this year he has missed 6 ODI centuries out of which 3 on 99!!!!!!!!! So a hundred is very much needed for the little master. Even today he missed 18 runs short of a century.. I hope atleat in the next test match or in the second innings of this match sachin will hit a century to please himself and his die-hard fans.. i wish him all the best.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Polladavan Review

The movie Polladavan has nothing to say about the storyline.. But the thinis how director Vetrimaaran has been able to showcase such an excellent screenplay with no story behind it. The story is that Dhanush is a irrresponsible youth roaming and chatting with friends stealing money from his father's pocket his life goes on like that.. Suddenly due to some heated arguements with his father he tells that it was only his(father) mistake of spoiling his future.. All these scenes when i saw was so real that all the character artists played their role to perfection.. Then his father the nextday gives him a lump amount and tells him to do whatever he likes.. He then purchases a bike fot that money!!! When his father comes and mother comes to know wat he has bought they become annoyed of their son..

But actually wat happens is he gets a job and his love acknowledged only bcoz of his bike.. he loved the bike so much next to his lover Dhiviya(hema).. from there on his life becomes smooth..
Then on one fine day with his first salary he decides to buy something for hema.. After the shopping when he comes he is surprised to see his bike stolen.. This is the intreval..

After this the second half is that how he gets bach his bike and wins the quarrel with his rival Daniel balaji(ravi) whose importance is realised only in the second half.. The film has a good screenplay to watch but no storyline behind.. by the time u realise wat is in the film the film gets over.. the songs in this film have come out nicely especially the remix of(Engeyum Eppothum) sung and composed by Yogi-B is rocking the charts. ther is nothing more to say about the movie.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Review On Diwali Releases

Hi! Friends it has been a long time for me to put my next post.. and the new post has come up on the diwali released films.. This time Kollywood industry has not given nice films in the recent past. Except for the Rajni Starrer Shivaji.. The main reason behind this is the storyline opted by the heroes is the same as it was in the past,also the present genere of directors are not taking films which will speak about them.. They r taking the same storyline of the past and slightly changing it. the present generation Students r the main audience for the upcoming cinemas.. theyr not interested to watch the same masala films.. Now they started shifting to hollywood. this is the saddest condition of Kollywood industry today.. So(Yethavathu Seiyanum Sir)..

Now lets come to our reviews..

Azhagiya Tamil Magan:

Since i m a vijay fan i m starting with his film.. The main thing i noticed after the release of this film was the film was not a hit when compared to other vijay films.. But vijay won accolades for his acting skills that too from many people who dont like vijay and criticised him in the past. Now the film is running only bcoz of vijays presence..

The storyline is that vijay(Guru and Prasad) For the first time a double role where the former being the hero and latter the villain. Hero with the power of (ESP) comes to know wat happens in the future that too he comes to know about some bad incidents.. He saves all his relations and when he comes to know he is going to kill his ladylove he tries to avoid her and goes to mumbai.. here the dragging first half comes to an end..

The second half villain gets his way into the film obviously with a fight. hero when seeing the look alike of him tries to catch him resulting in an accident. in the meantime,villain goes to chennai and takes the place of hero.. the climax is that how the hero wins the last battle..

The story had some acting showcased by vijay.. The minus of the film is the climax where only dialogues rule.. it is not a fitting climax for a vijay film and more of technical blunders made this film an average grosser among the diwali release.

Next post will be about polladavan..