Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fantastic Farewell to Olympics

In the latest edition of Olympics which recently concluded in China(Beijing) has many things to remember. Firstly the opening and closing ceremony which is the best in this edition when compared to the previous 28 editions. It was really an expensive and attractive ceremony ever witnessed in Olympics. Then coming to the events there were only 43 events in the 1892 edition of Olympics which has increased to a whooping 302 events in this Beijing Olympics. There were many world records created in this edition. Individually Mark Phelps who broke the individual record of 7 records in the 1872 edition to 8. Then totally there were 39 world records made which equaled the 1872 Munich Olympics. In this way this Olympics proved to best in every aspect and it was really a grand Olympics.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kuselan- A big flop in SuperStar history

One of the film stars who is shining for almost three generations is our superstar but, in his latest film Kuselan which proved to be a flop is a shoc to all thalaivar fans. All of them are saying that Rajni's spell on his fans is fading. No that is not the case only director P. Vasu's directing skills are fading. His thinking capacity and innovation have disappeared. He is no more fit to be a director. His generation and his tastes have gone and this is a new genre of people expecting every film to be different. He cannot shine in this generation. So it is high time that he quits from cinema. Being a die hard thalaivar fan i was terribly disappointed with this film. Not even a singlr frame in this film was fit to be applauded. From the start to end the film is full of critics. No one has a scope to perform in this film. The only satisfactory is VAdivelu's comedy. I do know why superstar accepted this project. After doing a stunner like Shivaji he cannot do this kind of a film which is totally not made for him. Music in this film is sure to be applauded. That's all about the film. I think superstar has accepted this film to find his old friend BalaKrishnan. That may be the only reason i can think of as to why superstar acted in this film. Anyway lets expect the same old thalaivar in the upcoming "Robo".