Saturday, March 29, 2008

History awaits Sehwag!!!!

Yesterday at the Chidambaram stadium in Chennai, all the spectators have witnessed an innings of a lifetime. It was Virender Sehwag. The Delhi player who just took the game to India’s favors almost one handedly. There were useful contributions from Jaffer and it’s good to see that Dravid has regained his touch very slowly indeed. Otherwise the rate at which this man scored his runs is awesome. I never felt that India is playing Test Cricket when viru was playing. There was a four almost every over which is something marvelous. The Proteas were sent to every corner of the ground. I am very sorry for the proteas as their bowlers had nothing to do with the pitch. The pitch was favoring 100% to the batsman. But playing a innings like this for the whole day needs to be applauded. His innings was almost near flawless innings. This man has a hard character and also everlasting stamina. Only a person of his caliber can achieve this kind of feat of 2 triple centuries. A 300 is not an easy joke to crack out that too against a pacy bowling attack of proteas. This needs skill and determination. He joined the rare elite group of only 2 batting greats Sir Don Bradman and Brian Lara. It makes us proud that an Indian has joined the elite group. Even though there are so many legends in Indian Cricket and all over the world only this man has able to crack the 300 puzzle twice and this time he cracked the fastest 300. There were 41 boundaries and 6 sixes in his sublime knock. He his having a dream run at the chepauk. Today if he bats carefully until lunch he can break the record of highest individual score in test cricket which is at present owned by Lara 400. If sehwag cracks the 400 puzzle today his record will remain for years to come as it is very tuff to beat. As a Indian I pray to the almighty to shower his blessings upon this determined young lad so he gains a record for himself after doing so much for his team. This must be a reward for his hard work and he deserves it. CHAK DE SEHWAG!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tennis no more for top seeds

In the recent ongoing tennis tournament to a surprise there are no top seeds in the finals. Nowadays the Federer and Nadal showdown is not at all seen. The players entering are unseeded and poor ranked players. This is really a bad time for federer after being dominant for 5 years he is slowly losing his game. One of the reasons maybe is injuries. What about nadal? Why is he not playing well? He was once a great player and a threat to all, but even players like Tsonga who was not so popular in this game made a great mark defeating nadal. In the future tennis won’t be a game for top seeds as it was till federer. I hope federer and my hero nadal recover quickly from their bad patch.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Farewell Time

Friends at last our four years of college life is coming to an end. All of us have reached the peak in a student's life. We are no more students from may8th. We are going to keep a full stop for student and enter the next world of corporates. We are now entering the phase of life where we will be dumped with so much of responsibilities , commitments etc. This corporate world what we are entering is not a world of realities. Until we were students we experienced reality, but now the upcoming atmosphere will be full of a fake world full of lies and many commotions. We will lose our reality and happiness when we become corporates. There will be no true friends as we have now. There won't be any peace in our life. Numerous problems will come and go, but the thing is we all will learn what life is and become good matured citizens. In future if we friends meet each other there won't be any words to speak with. Those moments are precious as diamonds in one's life. So friends always be in touch to share every moment of your life and may our friendship continue till we die. Through my blog i am wishing every final year student especially Sairam CSE final years a happy and memorable farewell.

The Veteran Passed away

On March 19th (ie) yesterday a master and a veteran actor who was born in Kollankod in Palakad district passed away. The person is none other than Raghuvaran. He is a great artist who has done all sorts of roles, but his name got familiar as a villain. his masterpieces include Puriyadha Pudhir in which the dialogue "I KNOW I KNOW" can never be forgotten. Then his acting as "Mark Antony" in Thalaivar's Baasha are the films which earned him name and fame in Tamil film industry. Now he recently completed the film "Yaradi Nee Mohini" where he is the father of Dhanush. The last film he signed up was Indira Vizha. He has acted in Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi films. My favorite's of him are Poovizhi Vassalile, Baasha, Puriyada Pudhir. His wife Rohini who was granted divorce as she did not like his addiction to drinking. He has a son. So Tamil cinema has lost yet another wonderful artist. He died of cardiac arrest at a young age of 49. I am sure all of them in Tamil film industry will miss him very much. I too miss him.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Favourite Game

There are many types of games, out of which i like only games resembling sports. Recently i started playing Pro Evolution Soccer like a freak such that i am now addicted towards the game. The game is so wonderful because of it's game play which attracts a gamer towards it. No other sports game can match it's class. It can also be played both in a console and PC. Upto 6 players can play this game which makes this game even more interesting. When we play this game for a whole day then also we won't get bored up. This is because of the number of variations the game has. When you start hitting goals, you will find another way to hit ur goal so that the interest towards the game only increases. So all gamers enjoy playing this game and get indulged in this.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hard Way to Get the Offer Letter

Today happened to be the most hardest day ever in my college life. Today we were told that we would get our offer letters. This was preceded by a function where Chairman, Principal, Our HOD who is also the placement officer rendered the most boring speech ever by honoring all those people who were behind the success of our college’s wonderful placement record last year. The saddest part is I did not attend the function and at last finally I arrived to college at 12:30 and we were again called to get our offer letters.

All this happened because of opting to leave a bus and come in the next one since we were standing. But our wonderful college responded to our call and sent us a bus after we stood in the roadside for more than 2 hours in the sun very exhausted. When we reached and at the instance when we got the offer letter we felt that as if tones of glucose where fed into us.

This day can never be forgotten in my life, as it had both sweet and bitter experiences. This was the day I felt even getting an offer letter can be made hard and I learnt a lesson of punctuality. So before stepping into corporate world I will improve my punctuality.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony has unveiled the MDR-NC500D, the world's first digital noise canceling headphones. The technology that they have implied in this headphone will reduce the outdoor noise (ie) the noise from planes, trains,buses and any sort of outdoor noise will be filtered and we can get a hi-fi audio experience.

Sony claims that the outdoor ambient noise can be filtered to 99% which is just less than ultimate perfection. The digital noise reducing engine has three filters located in the built-in digital signal processor, which can be tuned to the outdoor noise environments effectively.It can reduce 99%
of ambient noise at 160Hz.

Battery which this phone uses is a internal lithium-ion battery which lasts for 16 hours. There is also a provision for two AA batteries in the absence of a wall plug. The headphone cost is $400. So buy this headphone and enjoy the ultimate digital audio experience.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


In the 8 Facts about Yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Here are the rules.

* Each blogger must post these rules first.
* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.****

My list :

1. I like reading all kinds of short stories involving humor.

2. All of them know that I don’t eat non-veg but that’s not the truth.

3. I have lot of passion towards cricket, now the momentum shifted to football.

4. I like to play console games like ps2, ps3,x-box for long hours.

5. I love travelling very much. The longer I travel more I enjoy.

6. I always like keeping treat often to my friends (mini treat).

7. I have a craze or passion towards horror movies though I mostly like humor.

8. I always love to spend time with my friends.

The bloggers who I tag are:

Shankar, Sadesh, Vinodh Kanna, Vaidhy, Preethika, Annachi, Bala, Ravikumar

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Women's Day to all!!

This is indeed an important day for women. In the past we know how women were. They did not enjoy many rights as men did. But now because of some legendary leaders who fought for the rights of women they enjoy equal status as that of men. Now in this 21st century women enjoy most of the rights which men enjoy. This has also brought many talented women in many fields such as Mother theresa for social service. Sania Mirza, Anju George for sports. Kalpana Chawla and many others. There are also many successful women political leaders. Women are competing with men in every field nowadays. I hope many more talented women would emerge in the future. I wish a happy women's day to all women in the world through my blog.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rewards Given in Excess

Recently India created history by winning it's first edition of the tri-series in Australia by defeating the world champs(so called) after 23 years. It is indeed a great moment, I agree but what BCCI has done is that whenever Team India achieves a milestone it is giving some incentives to the players which is very much needed for the motivation of players. No one can match the motivation of BCCI towards the players, the mistake here is the incentives are given here in excess which will motivate the players in a wrong way. The incentive of 20 or 25 lakhs for every player in the team is unnecessary. If you want to really motivate for the recently concluded CB series you can give the incentives to the players whose contribution was very much important say for example Praveen Kumar and Tendulkar are the players who really deserved the incentive. Instead giving incentives to players like Raina etc who not even played in the series is not fair. This might create a negative motivation on the players. Only the players who perform should be rewarded. Rewards when given in excess might affect the motivation of the team. So this is my kind request to BCCI.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sachin- The man of miracles

Today was another important day in Indian cricket history as India registered there first ever win over Australia at the SCG. This is indeed a big occasion. As usual this feet was achieved by Team India by a cricketing legend and a man who was born to play cricket,none other than Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Whenever he plays cricket he rewrites new records and also make India go further and further. He carried the team lonely without any support for over 15 years. This is indeed a special occasion for him too as he carved a great century that too the first for him in Australia versus Australia in 39 matches. This is just another feather added to his records cap. He is a unimaginable cricketer with unmatchable talent and legacy. So there are no words to praise about him. I really admired the whole innings of every ball he played. He is a man with evergrowing talent and skill.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A new variety of Snake

Friends most of you would have witnessed the different types of snakes which are in the snake parks, but this was the snake which was found recently in a residential locality. The name of the snake is bridal snake. This was seen in a garden of a house when the gardener reported to the forest department all went to capture the snake. That time one of the snake researchers said that this was found 30 years before but after that now only it has again emerged. These kind of snakes are on the verge of extinction. The uniqueness about this snake is it is a nocturnal snake. It is also non-venomous in nature. It is not harmful. The body of the snake will have periodic white and black patches ,whenever it is disturbed it will hide it's head under the body by coiling.

On a Hat-Trick at GKM

Friends you all know that symposiums are a means of earning money in college. Some may earn by participating in formal events such as paper presentations,but most of them earn money only through informal events. In our class there is a group "Enna Koduma Saravanan" which has members who have earned about lakhs through symposiums. Now there is a also a small group of three members formed who are winning at random in symposiums in informal events. The group consists of me ,Arul Prakash and Ciberaj. Yesterday we went to GKM for the second time for a EEE symposium. The main thing here is we are CSE students. There 4 events were about to be held. Paper presentation, Play with wires, Dumb-C and Technical Quiz(EEE). We participated in 3 events where firstly Paper went a flop. Secondly Quiz(EEE) prelims we got through because of the technical brilliance of Ciberaj,me and arul did not contribute anything. It was absolutely one man show. Then in Dumb C because of some good miming from my side and Arul's tremendous guessing we went through Dumb C also to finals. Now at the same time both Dumb c and quiz finals were clashing so we all thought that we would opt for Dumb c rather than quiz since it was a EEE quiz. But fate which later turned out to be a luck played with us as we were seated in quiz finals. First round was rapid fire i just answered for the four questions as for 1-d ,2-c ,3-b, 4- a out of which 3 were correct. we were the leader in the first round. I can't control my laughter. Then second round is identifying characteristics round here was the most hilarious moment.The question was to find out the characteristics of a Diffrentially Compounded Generator and four graphs were given as choices i thought for a moment and answered choice "b". The answer was correct!!!!!! but the way i chose b was from the words Diffrentially Compounded Generator there are 3 words so 3-1=2 and the second is "b" so only. i can't control my laughter that we were the leaders in second round. Third round we played a strategy it was a round where negative marking was employed. So we safeguarded our lucky points by passing all 10 questions asked to us. At last we finished Second in quiz.

In Dumb C there was only one astonishing moment which was the pictorial round (ie) Cibe and Arul has to describe a picture which is something related to EEE only by using mathematical symbols. I have to draw according to their description and identify the picture. They said the description correctly and i also finished the drawing successfull, but the thing was to identify. I thought of leaving the ques but suddenly something flashed in my mind as this was the diagram that Sudarshan sir used to draw in EE/CS period. And i guessed it as motor. It was correct!!!! Cibe started dancing and hopping as they did not expect this answer from me. Even i too did not expect. So all unexpected miracles happened yesterday as we went home each with 400 rupees while we came with only 20 rupees in hand. The same was repeated when we came for the first time to GKM that time the lucky charm was Cibe.

As this being our final year we wont be able to go for the third time to GKM college. Therefore the Hat-Trick remains On a Hat-Trick. Anyway i hope there will be more these like emerging lucky trios in future.