Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Hilarious Experience!!!!

There are many hilarious incidents in my life. Day by day I come across some really hilarious experiences. I am right now sharing one of my experiences. Day before yesterday I went along with my father to buy vegetables. We purchased all vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, bottle guards etc. After a long purchase I and my father came to our house. We kept the vegetables bag outside the corridor. That time a small snake entered our bag. We did not notice the snake entering our bag. Then my father started arranging the vegetables in the fridge. I helped my father by separating the vegetables. My father asked me the bottle guard, so I gave them. To my surprise my father was reacting in a different way. I was not able to understand, and then I myself saw me holding the snake. I was reacting terribly that my father burst into laughter despite the scare of the snake. Then I gained some courage and threw the snake in the drainage. It was one of my hilarious moments in my life.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Save our Ozone!!!

Our ozone layer is depleting day by day due to some illegal activities of humans. Most of the people burn all the unwanted things in their house and hence causing ozone layer to deplete. By burning in decomposable substances like tyres, plastic covers we get a harmful gas which leads to death. So don’t burn unnecessary materials and destroy our ozone. By destroying the ozone we are giving way to the UV rays to come to earth which causes cancer when in contact with the skin. Save the ozone for the next generations also.