Friday, October 31, 2008

Mind Games

In India there are many people who are so experienced in this mind games. These mind games are nothing but they will be able to read your mind. They have this supreme talent of reading others mind. If you go to these people they will tell about your bio data and also will tell about your forefathers. If you go to these mind readers they will fetch you fortune. These mind readers are more common in India. So when you visit India do not forget to meet these people.

Conserve Energy

People nowadays consume more energy resources. This is because of the growth of population. All people are nowadays financially sound and they consume lot of these energy resources like others. For example if we take petrol, number of vehicles have increased in large number. All are using individual two wheelers and four wheelers. If this continues then there will no energy resource for the next generation. So conserve energy by using public transport and walking for short distances.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Panamanian Condo

If you want to earn more money without risk factors involved then the best option is to start a hotel. If you want to start a hotel you must have a place for the hotel that too in the hot spot of the city to attract more customers. Many people like to come to hotels if it is located in the hot spot. Likewise there are other factors also. Some people may expect a hotel to have a bar and swimming pool to relax themselves and chill out with their friends. Another important thing is that if a hotel has a rooftop terrace then it will attract many people because this roof top atmosphere is so great. These are the expectations of customers. If you are about to start a hotel you can right away approach Hotel Casco Antiguo which is one grandest property for sale. There are 34 condo units for sale. Every unit in the building is designed with so much care. There is a rooftop terrace , bar and pool meeting all the customer requirements. The only thing you have to do is look into your business and your hotel's food standard to get regular customers. The construction work will start in 2009. Immediately Register for an eBrochure Here and reserve your unit. By reserving a condo unit here you can earn more money through your hotel. This is the right place to start your business.



Saturday, October 25, 2008

Raju Sundaram starts his directing career with a bang with "AEGAN"

This year Tamil cinema has seen a lot of new directors coming up with different scripts for example "Jeyam Kondan" was a nice script written and directed by R.Kannan who is an assistant of ace director Mani Rathnam. Likewise, now it is the turn of Raju Sundaram to enter this direction field. He got his first success as Ultimate Star Ajithjumar accepted to do this script. Ajith is a great trump card for this script and perfectly suiting the role. Nayanthara adds glamour to the story just coming for songs and dancing with ajith. There was not much importance given to her. Ajith has handled the comedy part in this story very well in combination with Hanifaa. Naseer as Ajith's father does well. The famous villain in Shivaji that is Suman is the villain in Aegan. He has tried to do something different as a villain in his body language but not so successful. The introduction of Ajith was really superb and Ajith with that long beard, looks awesome. Yuvan has really scored in his music. The visuals of the songs were also good. Overall the film is nice except for the last 20 minutes commercial flick.

Aegan worth watching once. Ultimate Star Rocks!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What is the reason for this retirement???

There are lot of things happening in Indian team. Latest being the announcement of retirement of DADA that is ganguly. His decision to retire from cricket is rather surprising. Some days before he said that this is not the age to hang my boots. There is at least two years of cricket left in him. He is such a fine player and needs a sound farewell before he retires. I think there is a lot of pressure and expectations on the seniors which made DADA to take this miserable decision. I hope he enjoys this series well before he retires. Good bye to DADA..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sakkarakatti - An Overview

After a long time since Shivaji the block buster movie starring super star Rajnikanth musical legend A.R.Rahman has provided us with a musical treat in this film sakkarakatti which means sugar cube. After the film's audio release i was totally stunned by the way Rahman has composed the music. Every song in this film is really a treat for our ears. Each song is different in it's own quality. There are songs of all genre that is village style song, melody, rap. Rahman has taken music to the next level in this movie. But when i went to the film i was terribly disappointed with the film and also the song's visuals. There was absolutely nothing in the film. There was no sequence in the scenes, unnecessary sets for the songs and the songs also do not sink with the film. It was ultimate frustration sitting inside the theatre for 3 hours wasting money. This is the worst film i have ever seen in my life. Unnecessary English dialogues which reduces the interest to watch the film. The film has only one hero that is A.R.Rahman for his marvelous musical score. Otherwise there is nothing in the film to talk of. Out of 5 my score is 0/5 and for music 5/5 for Rahman.