Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pakistan Under-19 Cricket Team on a Hat-trick

In the on going Under-19 world cup, defending champion Pakistan who was the winner of the 2004 and 2006 editions of this cricket world cup championship. So Pakistan team is trying to defend it's title for the third time in a row. Last time the runners-up were team India which lost to Pakistan in a low scoring match. In the present on going edition of world cup championship Team India has marched towards the semi-finals of the tournament. It's next encounter is against Newzeland. I wish all the best for the future indian team to win the semi-finals first and finally the title and stop Pakistan from winning their third consecutive title.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Gambhir- New Find of CB Series

Hi Friends!! All of you might have witnessed the match between India and Australia. The match had many scintillating performances to talk about. When i saw the Australian batting i was stunned by the way they played especially the Skipper who was having a very bad run in the series came with a timely knock of 124. Symonds once again enjoyed the Indian bowling. Overall the Australians showcased a good show in all aspects of the game.
Now coming to India there was only one person worthy of talking, he is none other than Gambhir. He was the hero of the Indian innings, the match which all expected india to lose for sure was changed by this wonderful cricketer, this man alone brought india into a site of victory. His innings was well composed and it came in a pressure situation. He also showed a lot of character and told the selectors that he will be the future for Indian cricket. For India this has happened in the past. In the Natwest Series against England when the biggies were back in the pavillion two young guns took India to a remarkable victory chasing 326. It was Yuvraj and Kaif. Likewise this CB Series discovered Gambhir, though he did not won the match for India he was the man who turned the things around for India giving India a ray of hope for victory. He made the Australian bowlers feel the pressure for the first time. Utthappa also showed some character with his gritty half century. Nothing else to talk about India. So an amazing cricketer has emerged for India in this series is Gambhir!!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tata's New Venture in Defense

Tata group of companies has recently marched towards it’s new venture by signing the memorandum of understanding with the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). The memorandum is that both these firms are going to manufacture all the defence materials such as missiles, radars, unnamed aerial vehicles, electronic warfare and security systems.

This involves 300 crore which is to be sourced from India. Ratan Tata believes that by this new deal, we can manufacture best rated quality defense products for India. So we Tata and IAI together can enhance the growth of defense department in India. This way Tata group of companies are helping our nation in the field of defense. This is indeed a great venture and I hope this deal comes out with great success.


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Crowded places on Valentine's Day

Hi!!!! friends tomorrow is a special day and the only day for all the lovers in this world. Tomorrow is the Valentine's Day. Tomorrow all the gifts shops will get bumper sales. All sorts of gifts from 20 rupees greeting card to 20,000 worth diamond rings will be exchanged. Now we are going to list the crowded places tomorrow.

1. First to say is the ECR which is the best suited place where we can have a nice time with our lady love. This place is chosen and given the first priority by most of the lovers.

2. Second is Theatres, this gets the second place. Most of the lovers choose this place because it involves a fair expense and gives total enjoyment to lovers rather than travelling all the way to ECR.

3. Spencer Plaza is the third most crowded place, but many lovers come here to just pass time. Only a few high class lovers exchange gifts here. This place is more for high class lovers.

4. The fourth crowded place will be clubs. This place is only preferred by some lovers. Although this is not a best suited place for love. There are lovers who opt this place.

5. Fifthly comes Parks, parks are the starting place of love for many lovers. So on this valentine's day they come to this place where they met and have a nice time.

6. Beach takes the last place, usually beaches were called as the destiny of lovers but nowadays lovers like more privacy so they do not opt this place often. But this place is one of the best places for lovers according to me. This place was the trademark place for lovers once upon a time.

So these are my views about the hot and crowded spots tomorrow. If you have any change in my ratings, you can post the comments and you can even add any new place of your wish which you think will be crowded tomorrow, also justify your place with a justification.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

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Friday, February 8, 2008

History on both sides

Hi!! Friends the important and the most hottest topic today is about the result of the perth test between India and Australia. Why i said result means this match will surely have a result. For the past two days the cricketing world has witnessed a fabulous match ever in test history. In this match India proved that it would become a great threat to the world champs in the future. Now India has set a target of 413 which is impossible says History, history also says that Australia has never lost a match at perth since 1989,and Aussies have never lost a match in home since 2003. If India wins it is history winning a test at perth and also defeating Australia in home which never lost a match for 4 years,and will also break the winning streak of Australia of 16 consecutive victories. So there is history on both sides. Let's hope history goes on India's favour. Chak De India!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Special Dissmissal in Cricket

You all know that cricket is a game which has so much importance in India. In our country cricket is not just a game but it's a relegion. The only game which attracts more crowd in our country is Cricket. There are many reasons to say why this game is so special, the way it starts and till the end no one knows who is going to win. This game keeps us jumping to our feets till the last moment. There are also some interesting moments in Cricket.This is one such moment. All of you run out is a way of dismissing a batsman. But in cricket you might have seen only one batsman being dismissed at a time,but by clicking on the below link you will see a video where there are two batsman dismissed run out in a single ball. This is an interesting moment in the game of cricket.
Click here to see the video.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Google's new threat!!!!

The hottest news now is that Microsoft has got Yahoo at a price of about 44.6 billion dollars. The reason for the takeover is that yahoo in the recent times had a downfall in the share market. This is because of the entry of Google. Google made a surprising entry competing with Yahoo. Since Yahoo was under a period of downfall and it's majority of shares are with Microsoft, so microsoft tookover Yahoo. Now microsoft after this take over of Yahoo may emerge as a great threat to google's dominance, since microsoft is a trusted firm and has a lot of respect in the internet world.

Who will be the king of Internet ? MICROSOFT or GOOGLE