Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Craze over i-phones

Nowadays craze is growing on the i-phones that too the latest released i-phone by Tata which is creating a craze among the i-phone fans and also making them go mad about it. At present people of all age groups from 10 -60 are all having i-phones in their pocket. many people use it for different purposes some use it for just communication, some as a music player. i-phone also has a wide and varied range of applications. Apple was the first to introduce i-phones in the market which was then followed by all others. So i think that the next generation will demand for even more advanced i-phones with enhanced features.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Test your Talent

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Friendship Day

People all round the world follow different traditions, lifestyles and even the food habits are not the same but, this is the day which all people celebrate in common which is nothing but the friendship day. On this day all friends meet each other and share their personal experiences with them, the jokes they witnessed and enjoyed etc. This is altogether a colorful occasion. Friends are the only gifts to everyone. Only to them you can share happiness and sorrow. They are the only persons who guide you towards the right direction. They will come to share your happiness with your invite and will come to share the sorrow without invitation. They sit beside you and come with you till your lifetime. I am lucky to have such a wonderful bunch of friends god has given me. Through my blog i wish my friends an advance happy "Friendship Day".

An Adventurous Trip

Once i was on a vacation to kerela which is famous for its climate and temples. In kerela temples are maintained so beautifully so that i was so amazed to see the temples maintained in that fashion. Then being a tamilian i did not felt anything new because there are lot of tamilians there. The climate of kerela is also very good and enjoyable. This is the only place where the monsoon rains start on time in the whole of India. I have heard about the word heavy rain but, i saw that in real only in kerela. Coming to my trip all temples in kerela are not in and around kerela, they are some miles away from kerela. Since i like travelling i enjoyed the long journey through car. We went through forests and the roads we went were all so haunted that we did not see a person nearby for some kilometers. There were animals around and one monkey very big jumped right on top of our car and fell the other side. On the whole it was a very enjoyable and adventurous trip.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dont drink while driving

The habit of drinking is one of the examples where western culture has superimposed on Indian culture. The fact is Indians normally wont follow the same procedure of drinking as they follow. They drink in only small amounts which they call as a peg. On the other hand we drink without any control in large amounts and the result get addicted and loose our lives because of this. Another thing is we should not drink when we are driving because when we drink we will not be in a stable state and so we will loose control over the vehicle and fall due to lack of balance. We can save many lives and also avoid accidents when we avoid drinking during driving.

Placement Preparation

All students whether engineers or any other graduates in arts and science all are now preparing for their placements. There is a way to prepare for placement. Firstly you must analyse your own weakness and strengths. Then you must try to build on your strengths and try to overcome your weaknesses. Then you have to develop a good communication skill, if you have already have a good spoken English try to develop a good neutral accent, if not first develop your fluency in English. Then your attitude, it is very important when it comes to campus interview. Lastly and most importantly your technical brilliance. Select your favourite language and become the master of it. This is how you prepare for a campus interview.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby weighing 20 kg at 6 months!!!

Could you imagine that a 6 month old baby in Iran weighs 20kg!!!!!!!!! How come a baby of mere 6 months could weigh 20 kg? It is something unique. Doctors who examined the baby said he had been only 3kg when he was born. After that there was a miraculous change in his weight when he was 3 months old that is 11 kg. Now at present in 6 months he is 20 kg. Doctors were dumbstruck to see his growth. When there parents were interviewed they said that they don't know the reason behind his weight but, they said he will drink mother's milk for an hour every day!!! I will show some of the pics of that cute big baby. The interview of their parents with that baby is here.

Plant Trees

In this busy world almost every house has one or more than one two wheeler. So while going on the road it causes a lot of smoke that is the harmful gases are released into the pure air. Also these public transport such as auto, bus and heavy trucks emit a lot of gas into the air thereby causing air pollution on a massive scale. This leads to many harmful diseases such as asthma, lung cancer and many other diseases related to breathing. So a simple solution to this is to plant more trees on either side of the road which will help in reducing this. Trees have a unique quality of releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon di-oxide. The smoke which comes from the vehicle exhaust has a lot of carbon i-oxide in it which will be absorbed by trees and hence we can reduce air pollution in a simpler way.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Star Making Machine

Astronauts have uncovered a strange thing in the universe. When they were exploring the universe they found a remote galaxy which is like a stellar machine was generating out stars into the sky. That is it was pumping out stars into the sky. The production rate is about 1000 to 4000 a year. This is indeed the latest discovery uncovered in this space field. Astronauts are also spell bounded that how come this machine exist in a remote galaxy and how it is producing stars. There are so many questions arising out and they are scrubbing their minds to find out the actual process of this thing. Then they are also thinking about the sizes of stars which come out from this machine that is the remote galaxy. If they find out this mystery it will be yet another milestone in the space research. I hope they find it out at the earliest.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Abroad studies a golden offer

Nowadays there are many abroad offers coming to youngsters. These are golden offers which are enjoyed by only some individuals. Getting an opportunity to study abroad is really a boon because we gain more fluency in our English and also get a chance to mingle with foreign clients. Also by studying in abroad we are given a white collared job there with which we can make enough money needed for the rest of our life and to run our family in a luxurious way. Abroad studies also has a disadvantage of many Indians who settle there forgetting their parents. This must not be the case. Go there, earn money and then come back and live happily with your parents.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Wimbeldon reaching it's Climax

The much expected Wimbledon finals is on the corner. This is a special Wimbledon for both the top seeds Roger and Rafa. Roger is eyeing on his sixth Wimbledon title and on the other hand Nadal is ready for his maiden grand slam title in grass. Both of them have reached the semifinal stage. There is a possibility that either of the two may come to finals or any one, but anyways we are going to witness a great grand finale. I hope my favourite Rafeal Nadal wins the title.

My new Bike

This is the most happiest day in my life. The reason behind this is that i am going to have a new bike soon. I have just now completed my academia and waiting for my offer letter from TCS. My father also has promised me to get me a bike of latest trend. I am so happy now that i am going to have a bike of my own. I have awaited for this moment for a long time and at last it came true. My first ride in that bike will be with my mother because she was the one who forced my father to buy the bike. Without her i am nothing. So first ride with mu mother then my precious father and then mu most lovable cute sister with whom i always fight.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Solution to memory loss

There are many new disorders arising out of which is called memory loss. This memory loss does not come through genes. When we get this memory loss the loss of memory is not permanent, but suddenly we will feel that all things are going blank and after sometime we will recover from that. This can be cured by taking some memory pills and doing yoga. By doing yoga we will get more concentration power and also the ability to withstand any type of stress. So by practicing yoga we can eradicate memory loss. These kind of memory loss will soon be eliminated by the advancement of science.