Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Help the physically challenged

Nowadays there are persons who indulge in social service which is indeed a very good contribution to the society, but there are still more to come into this service so that we can raise the downtrodden society to some extent and bring some happiness in their lives like giving education to orphans, giving them free food and some gifts for them in festive days rather than we celebrating grandly. By doing this we are improving our country and this helps India to become a fully developed nation by 2020. All people must become Mother Theresa in order to lift the society.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Thalaivar's Shivaji

All of u have watched Shivaji the movie starring superstar Rajnikanth. I like to share some of my info which i collected to share with u

The money which was collected for parking for shivaji is greater than the collection of other movies. this was once said as a joke. but it proved to be true.

Another important thing is 80% of the population in chennai watched the movie within 20 days of it's release. now it is living only on repeat audience.

Shivaji has got a whooping collection of 16.5 crore only in chennai. I got this info from Rajni fans.com

So thala rocks.. Shivaji sure to cross 1000 days and breaking more records

Humiliating Defeat

Hi!!! yesterday u all saw the match which clearly showcased the real dominancy of the world cup champs.. who showed their skills in all aspects of the game in all the stages.. there was some brilliant fielding and beautiful bowling by johnson at the depth..

Symonds Factor:

India after reducing aussies to 129/5.. failed to capitalise on that.. symonds was also dropped on 2 by sreesanth.. As all say "Catches win/lose matches".. This is perfectly applicable for yesterday's match.. where symonds went on to hit a blistering 107 of just 88 balls and took australia to a formidable total of 318..

Sachin /Saurav:

Yet another brilliant century partnership full of gorgeous 4's and 6's and they laid the perfect platform for chase.. india must have utilized that.. at last aussies had the last laugh of dismissing india to 299 and won the match by 18 runs..thereby registering a series win of 4-1 against india in india...

At this instance Aussies are unstoppable