Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tragedy at amusement park

Today there was a great tragedy in amusement park that a 12 year old kid died. I also witnessed the accident. In that amusement park there was a ride which takes us to great height and suddenly comes down, so belts were given as protection. That time this kid also went. The persons who helped the people to tie up their belts let this child’s belt carelessly, so when it went up the belt loosened and the child fell down crashing its head to the ground and died on the spot. If the persons in charge in the amusement park were careful they could saved that child from this tragic death.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Battle Of Exams

hi!! Friends u all know that i m having 13 arrears!!!!!!. It was really a torid time for me to complete all those arrears and also boring to write the same arrears again and again. There was also sometimes when i thought of bunking the exam because i was very afraid that i will not perform well this time also.. but finally with all my courage i wrote all the 13 papers with utmost patience and currently enjoying the holidays.. i hope for a better result this time atleast.. all my friends sincerely pray for me for getting atmost an all clear.. since this is my 7th sem may god have pity on me and give me an all clear result.. An all clear is wat i except this time.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Two Dons(Billa's) of Kollywood

hi!Friends.. the hottest topic prevailing among the teenagers is the film (BILLA) by our superstar!!!! oops sorry the film name is the same but this time it is our ultimate star Ajithkumar. The film is released today with no film contending with it. This film is being sold at a record price for an ajith film. The distributors have already confirmed it on seeing the ticket sales for the first week. Now when i say Billa by Ajith all of them start comparing rajni's film to that of ajith.Why these comparison??? see both of them have their own way of acting style. rajni wins by his style predominantly but ajith wins by his glossy looks and his unique body language most importantly the uniqueness of his dialogue delivery.. So both films are to be enjoyed and not to be compared.. This film will be a great break for ajith in his cine carrer. The stills of the film and the trailer have already boosted up the film's popularity. Ajith has done a wonderful job by bringing back the old Billa in a new style and with good supportive technology which helped billa to go beyond the boundaries. There r also rumors of ajith replacing SRK(Shah Rukh Khan)in robo a shankar film.. I wish ultimate star all d best for Billa to break many records in film industry and set a new trend to tamil cinema and the dream of he acting in Robo to come alive.. So be ready to get carried away by the action Extravaganza which Ajith and Vishnuvardan have given us..

There is also an interesting remix which has Ajith and rajni watch it by clicking on the link. which is remix of rajni song ORU KOODAI SUNLIGHT in his film shivaji..

Monday, December 10, 2007

PQT - The Evergreen Villain

Hi! Friends this is a post exclusively based on PQT(Probability And Quening Theory). On December 7th. it was my worst day ever.. with all my courage i went inside the exam hall only desiring for 36/80. since this is my 4th attempt.. but when i saw the paper i was shocked because that was the instance i realised that we can also expect a theory paper in maths.. the question paper setter has set this question paper aiming no one should pass..cha nanum sutthi sutthi pakkaren oru question kooda teriyala.. from home travelling so much kilometeres to college well dressed up and also decently prepared i was disappointed even for the fourth time.. The ultimate insult was when my PQT sir on seeing the paper laughed.. he said he never saw this kind of a paper in his college days nor in his teaching carrer. so PQT remains a threat for me again.. I do know how to overcome it.. Somebody save me!!!!!!!!!