Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Training- A unique but an enjoyable platform

Hi friends, it has been a long time since i wrote a post in my blog. Now i am back with a new post to tell my experience which i underwent in my training. I underwent my training at Gandhinagar, Ahmadabad. Firstly, i thought that it will really be a terrible period but, later on i realized that these 4 months was the best i enjoyed in my life. It was such a constrained friendly environment as we had many traditions and cultures under one roof. It was a nice platform to build relationships with many people from different stateo.s. I gathered a lot of friends there. Now after the training, i really miss them a lot. Eventhough we are still in contact with the help of orkut etc. We still miss those weekends we enjoyed together. The short tour trips we went, birthday parties we celebrated. All these will cherish in each and everyone's mind forever.

Alltogether the Initial Learning Programme rocked throughout. In the next post i will share my experience at present in the place where i got posted to

Monday, February 9, 2009

Naan Kadavul - Review

There are very few movies which are so realistic and touch our hearts. Last year, among the movies released only Saroja made a mark. Likewise, this year 2009 had a bunch of films for pongal and even now along with this movie Naan Kadavul many movies were released. All the other movies were tailor made for entertainment and were commercial flicks. This movie stands tall and also different from the lot. After seeing this movie I was stunned. The movie was so realistic and even now I don't believe that I have seen a movie. Everything looks real. Each and every frame in this movie has been molded by bala. My god! What a director he is. His films will always have been on the negative side. The way in which he portrayed the negative side of India has to be appreciated. At the same time I feel bad that he could have helped those people who are suffering rather than just showing us the reality. This is one of the things that our country should be ashamed of. All those people who are indulged in those illegal and torturous activities, please be good after seeing this movie. He has also strongly said that do not believe in god. This message has been strongly conveyed in a rough manner.

Overall I rate 6/10 for the movie, worth watching once.

2 for BALA, for his directing skills.
2 for ILLAYARAJA, for his mind blowing music and re-recording.
2 for ARYA, for his exuberant portrayal of the character.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Arising of a new era in Cricket!!!

There are many games which have made people get addicted to it and also made them engrossed in the game without spending much attention to their regular activities. Cricket is one such game which is not seen as a game in India. In India cricket is a religion. In India especially in Chennai there are many cricket lovers who breathe and talk about cricket and only cricket. This game of cricket was dominated by the Australians for a decade. There were McGrath, Shane Warne, Hayden, Langer etc who helped Australia dominate. Within this decade they have all the titles with respect to cricket. Now, a new era is arising in cricket that every team is fighting for the number one spot. From now cricket is not the game dominated by a specific team. The number one spot will be circling round. It will be taken by the team which plays professional cricket that day. There will be no more permanent dominators in any game as everybody is anxious and eager about winning. Therefore, top seeds watch out a new era has arisen. Fight to regain the top spots.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best Culturals

In my sister's school the main highlight is the cultural's. There is no such cultural programme conducted anywhere in the nearby schools. All students studying here have immense talent and this is a great platform to prove themselves. Cultural programmes in our school are mainly based on Indian culture. They don't have cine based programmes. With all that they also give importance to our Indian dances rather than western dances like disco, jazz and hip hop. Cultural programmes continue for 2 days and these 2 days will be so enjoyable. I have enjoyed every cultural programme with utmost enjoyment. Even after my sister leaves this school, I will surely attend the culturals every year. I am anxiously awaiting for this year culturals.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Republic Day!!!

In India we celebrate two important days in a year that is the Independence day and the Republic day. These two are very important days when India is concerned. During this day in schools, colleges, colonies and in other associations they hoist the Indian flag and respect the freedom fighters who have sacrifices their lives in order to get freedom for India. In our association also the chairman of our association hoisted the tri-color flag and we all sang the National Anthem. Then we had many programmes which were performed by small children which was a tribute to national leaders. At last we distributed chocolates and pinned our flag on our shirts. Overall it was a nice day and a pleasing atmosphere.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Golf- An Interesting Sport to Learn

There are many things in this world that people get addicted to or gain interest. Sports are the most common thing that people especially youngsters. Teenagers are always indulged in sports activities rather than academic activities. One of the games in which people show more interest is Golf. In order to develop yourself in this game you need a place where they teach the basics of this Golf sport. The level of teaching must be professional so that you can lay a strong foundation for your golf career. Golf is one of the richest games played. These are played by people who are financially sound. If you practice golf in a school you will also become equally sound in the game. As you are an amateur in this game you need to be trained well in order to understand the tactics and other unique aspects of the game. There are many places where they teach golf but the best among the lot is the club named Chiemsee Bavaria where they concentrate more on developing the golf skills and also make the students efficient to compete with other leading professionals in this game.

Another important aspect of this club is the approach they follow in their training. If you want to master a skill you have to do it more than reading about it. In this school they make students play golf than read about it. Because of this students get more knowledge of the game. They also help students practice in Golf Platzreife which is the best golf shop. This is the only club which helps students get permission to play in this golf shop. Because of this feature students get trained in a golf atmosphere with all the best sporting golf equipments. What more are you looking for? Join in this club and become a golf expert.

Waiting for the day!!!

It has been a long wait for the 2008 passed out Engineering graduates especially those who have specialized in CSE and IT. IT field is now undergoing a bad patch. There were many jobs cut down in many companies. As a result of this market also had a drastic decrease. All together it was really a bad time for the passed out candidates. Myself and my friends were waiting for the call from our companies which recruited us. After a long time my company has turned out to us and called us next month. I am very happy when i received the mail. My parents were also pleased with this mail. Next month I will enter the next phase of life. This is a transition from a playful student life to a responsible young man who is willing to shift the responsibilities from his aging father and make life smooth for all his family members and also to himself. At present i am enjoying my last playful days.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Visit to Marina(A Unique Visit)

When you see this post you may all wonder why i have given the title as a "unique visit". There is a reason for which i have mentioned it has a unique visit. Last Sunday when i was chatting with my friends, suddenly one of my friends came up with an idea of going to beach. Going to beach is always a usual one. There will be so many people, a lot of commotion. It will be a noisy atmosphere. We planned to go to the area of beach where there will be no one other than us. This is what is special and unique about this visit. We then called to one of our junior friends in our college who is residing at the navy quarters which also comes under marina beach. This area is not for public, and only the people in the quarters or the police can go. We bought a special permission from the junior friend's father. With his pass myself and my friends entered the restricted area. Imagine yourself that you and your friends are only in marina beach. Isn't this interesting. Such a calm atmosphere, cool breeze and pathway full of rocks with the waves by the side. The trip was so enjoyable and also a memorable one.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to all!!!!

As this year 2008 has come to an end, let us welcome the next year and also hope that this year would be a peaceful year. All the memories of 2008 would be in our mind and the important incidents such as the Taj hotel attack in Mumbai. I hope that 2009 will be a good and peaceful year. I wish all the people in this world a Happy New Year through my blog. May this year bring peace to everyone and also make you prosper in their life.