Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life at Bhubaneswar!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends, its been a long time since i wrote something on my blog. Actually i totally forgot about blogging which i was once doing regularly. This is due to my work life, to be more specific my work place(Bhubaneswar). This place has changed my life. When i came to bhubaneswar, it was the first time i came out of my hometown for the first time 22 years. I have always been under the care of my parents. The experiences i had for the first 15-20 days was awesome. I had some really funny moments whenever i was involved in a conversation with the autowala's. Some embarassing moments when i started looking for a house and room mates. It was seriously boring to search for a house alone and hear the same reply "Bachelor's not allowed". Then i somehow got a house in a remote location also gifted with some room mates. Very soon i began to hate the house and the room mates as they were not in my frequency. During the stay in that house my new mobile got stolen. Then i changed another house where my stay did not last for 3 months. Finally, i got a couple of good room mates and an average house nearby to my office but very high rent. Now , my stay at bhubaneswar is partially comfortable. After 2 months of stay here we have applied for an internet connection which lead to this post. Before this for the past 6 months i was not able to check my emails. Today is a great day as it is the first glorious day of my life after nearly 7 months as i am back to blogging. While completing this post i feel very sad, but all good things has to come to an end. I will be back with many more interesting moments which i had in bhubaneswar in my next post.

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