Sunday, September 12, 2010

Naan Mahan Alla Review!

Naan mahan alla, the title reminds about the old Rajnikanth classic which was a super hit. Nowadays new films with old film titles are very common. In the past 2 years very few tamil movies have done well at the box office. This film is sure to perform decently at the box office. After a horrid time of seeing movies with punch liners, artificial fights, tata sumo's with goondas, worse graphic effects, this film was a relief. The most important feature of this film is that it comprises of only one fight sequence that too the climax fight. A very basic storyline said in a simple and neat way. The story goes as follows (Karthik) is a irresponsible guy but still very much supported by his family. Karthik's father accidentally becomes a witness for a murder committed by four students who sexually harass women and are drug addicts. The students plan to kill Karthik's father feared being caught by the police and successfully execute the plan by killing him. Karthik then decides to take the illegal way to settle terms with those students for killing his father with the help of a goonda, a friend of him. Finally, the climax goes on to how he accomplishes his target. Karthik's father has done his role well. Karthik himself has performed his role neatly with his flamboyant acting skills. Kajal Agarwwal is just for a formality to play the lead of a heroine. Yuvan's music is above average, nothing special to mention. Apart from some boring love scenes the film is good and it can be watched once.

Overall a decent commercial entertainer with balanced commercial ingredients and a simple storyline. My rating for the movie is 6.5/10.

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