Monday, February 9, 2009

Naan Kadavul - Review

There are very few movies which are so realistic and touch our hearts. Last year, among the movies released only Saroja made a mark. Likewise, this year 2009 had a bunch of films for pongal and even now along with this movie Naan Kadavul many movies were released. All the other movies were tailor made for entertainment and were commercial flicks. This movie stands tall and also different from the lot. After seeing this movie I was stunned. The movie was so realistic and even now I don't believe that I have seen a movie. Everything looks real. Each and every frame in this movie has been molded by bala. My god! What a director he is. His films will always have been on the negative side. The way in which he portrayed the negative side of India has to be appreciated. At the same time I feel bad that he could have helped those people who are suffering rather than just showing us the reality. This is one of the things that our country should be ashamed of. All those people who are indulged in those illegal and torturous activities, please be good after seeing this movie. He has also strongly said that do not believe in god. This message has been strongly conveyed in a rough manner.

Overall I rate 6/10 for the movie, worth watching once.

2 for BALA, for his directing skills.
2 for ILLAYARAJA, for his mind blowing music and re-recording.
2 for ARYA, for his exuberant portrayal of the character.

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